Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We're so excited. We can't hide it.
Stopping by Supernatural Central today is author Roxanne Rhoads, to talk about two of her books. For those of you who don't know, Roxanne is a very busy gal, hosting BEWITCHING BOOK TOURS among other things. Where she finds the time to write, nobody knows. I have booked one of her tours and LOVED IT! So much so that I'm going to do it again, really soon. But enough about me. Let's talk about Roxanne some more.  Here's the book descriptions for the spotlight today. See anything you DESIRE?


Halloween in New Orleans, anything can happen…including love and magick.
Paranormal researcher Liz Beth's dreams are haunted by a sensual vampire.

She arrives in New Orleans the week of Halloween in search of her elusive dream lover, but instead finds a handsome stranger.

They begin a passionate affair. Soon she is torn between dreams and reality, lost somewhere in the middle trying to regain reason.
She aches to find the vampire of her dreams but can't seem to break free of the spell her sexy stranger has her tangled in.

Welcome to the Inn of Amorous Apparitions where your every libidinous longing can be fulfilled by sensual spirits.
LizBeth has been hired to use her ghost whispering skills on the specters at the Castle Inn, but instead of banishing the seductive spooks Barbara, the Inn Keeper, wants them to "come out and play" with her special guests.

The Castle Inn is set to become the destination for the ghost sex fetish crowd. But first LizBeth has to convince the voluptuous visions that it is alright to participate in spectrophilia fun with the guests.
LizBeth has a special talent for seeing and communicating with ghosts but these enchanting ethereals are not cooperating with her, or her vampire boyfriend. Something odd is fueling the raunchy wraiths and they have to discover the power source or risk leaving a customer unsatisfied.

There’s more to this haunting than the average ghost. Will LizBeth be able uncover the mystery of this sexy haunted mansion?

 Kind of makes you want to know more about Roxanne, non? Well, we can tell you this: 
Roxanne Rhoads
Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl...these words describe book publicist and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.
When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne's world revolves around words...reading them, writing them, and talking about them.

In addition to writing her own stories she loves to read, promote and review what others write. She owns Bewitching Book Tours and operates a book review blog, Fang-tastic Books.
When not doing book things Roxanne loves to hang out with her family, craft, garden and search for unique vintage finds.

Author Website http://www.roxannerhoads.com

Bewitching Book Tours www.bewitchingbooktours.com




Twitter @RoxanneRhoads
But wait, there's more! Roxanne's the mastermind behind the Haunted Halloween Spooktacular we've been featuring. She's got a special give away for you too. I know, right? And it's a good one. Curious? Enter below to win.

You've probably already figures this out, but Roxanne comes to us today from Bewitching Book Tours and we did not receive anything for this story. There's lots of great stuff on the Spooktacular, so come back for more.