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Crazy week, let me tell you...but we're thrilled to have author Aaron Hodges come by for a quick chat. Welcome, Aaron.

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

AR: I actually had a great time writing the main character for the Untamed Isles. Zachary is a rogue and a thief, but more than a few years past his prime and long retired. When he discovers he is dying, however, he is forced out of retirement and sets out on a quest to find an impossible cure. He’s quite a different character from my usual protagonists, since there are many shades of grey to his character motivations. He doesn’t always do the right thing. And despite his age, he has more than a few lessons left to learn about the world (and particularly the new one he finds himself in).

SC: Sounds like Zachary's motivation is a bit of a mystery. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

AR: I’m a great believer in the magical, although I’m not sure its so much as a physical phenomenon, but a bit of spirit that lives within society as a collective. The sense of wonder we get from stories and music and art in general as a community is almost supernatural in itself isn’t it? How a show with a such an insane premise as Game of Thrones or Squid Games can bring the world together for a few moments in awe or hate or sorrow. Maybe its our creativity as a species that is what’s truly supernatural about this world.

SC: Fair enough. What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

AR: So now that Untamed Isles is finished (and published on Amazon!), I’m currently working on the sequel to Defiant, my Science Fantasy series I began at the start of the year. Since they are fairly short books in this series, I should have that book, Guardian, done in a month or so.

SC: Best of luck with that. Let's take a look at your book now. 

Untamed Isles: The Path Awakens
Untamed Isles 
Book One
Aaron Hodges

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publisher: Aaron Hodges
Date of Publication: 26th October
ISBN: 978-1-99-101803-8
Number of pages: 400
Word Count: 105,000
Cover Artist: Nikko Marie 

Book Description:

On a still and peaceful night, the world shook, and light split the sky asunder.
The seas parted, an island rose.

And beneath the earth, an ancient power stirred.

Zachary Sicario thought he’d finally turned his back on the underworld. For ten years he was content with his cottage in the highlands of Riogachd. But a master thief never truly retires. When Zach is struck down by a wasting illness, he is left with two options: accept his fate, or return to his criminal past in search of a cure.
It isn’t a difficult decision.

With rumours of a mysterious island circulating the kingdom, Zach goes in search of old contacts. They speak of strange lights and disappearing ships, of treasure and riches promised for the first to reach its distant shores. Zach has little interest in trinkets—but there’s another tale, one that whispers of the power to change a man’s fate.

With a secret expedition departing in the coming days, Zach decides to roll the dice. But he’s not the only one interested in magic. His competition are warriors and thieves, noblemen and assassins, all in their prime. And Zach is far from the man he once was.

Can the master thief beat the odds one last time?


Crouched atop the walls of the palace grounds, Zachary Sicario watched as the lanterns below flickered into life. His keen eyes tracked the path of the young servant as she scurried through the manicured gardens, passing from one lamp to the next with hardly a pause for breath. Bit by bit, the night was pressed back by the shimmering lights, until the palace formed a bubble of luminescence against the oppressive gloom of Leith under nightfall.

“Palace” might be overstating things a little, Zachary thought to himself as the servant retired, her task complete for the evening.

In typical aristocratic fashion, the noble owners had done their best to replica the grandeur of the royal palace back in Londinium. But Zach had visited those grounds himself on a number of occasions, albeit in a less than official capacity. He knew a cheap knockoff when he saw one.

The fountains might fill these gardens with the same joyful whispers as in Londinium, but he could see where the paint had begun to flake from the “marble” statues that adorned their waters. Neither did he see the same careless displays of wealth typical of the capital. No golden inlays around the windows and doors, no bejeweled eyes on the sculptures for passing thieves to filch. Even the gardens lacked the same carefully manicured touch as those found at the royal palace.

But then, that wasn’t so surprising. Zach had tried his hand at gardening since retiring; he knew well the difficulty of finding good help this far north. The dark spots infecting several of the rosebushes should have been trimmed days ago.

Breathing in the sweet scent of the flowers, Zach stifled a sigh. He’d enjoyed the quiet of his garden, the homely feel of the cottage in the highlands, far from Leith and its dark underbelly. He had thought this world far behind him. But alas, fate had other plans.

“Mansion” is probably more appropriate, Zach thought at last, returning to the task at hand.

In addition to the palpable absence of real wealth, the grounds of the mansion lacked one other key feature. Security. Zach had spent the past few days staking out the noble’s property. There were just two guards patrolling the outer gardens—and on this cold winter night, both had already retreated to the burning hearth in the guard house. Tonight would be like stealing gold from, well, a noble.

Still, years had passed since Zach’s last job, and he lingered a while longer in the shadows, watching for something he might have missed. Even with these rich aristocratic sorts, one had to take care.

Especially with these sorts, he reminded himself. Not even Zach’s reputation would survive being caught by the likes of Roy Whitfield.

Truth be told, he’d been surprised to find the man’s name on his list, given so many of the others were less than exemplary citizens. But then, the aristocracy always had considered themselves above the rules. It made sense that at least one of their kind would be interested in the Anomaly.

Three months had passed since the storm had wreaked havoc throughout the island kingdom of Riogachd. Most of the fishing fleet had been lost, either destroyed at sea or sunk in harbours across the nation, inundated by the waves that had swept the coast. Not even those citizens further inland had been safe, as storm surges broke through seawalls and rivers flooded lowland villages.

The storm of the century, people had called it. Yet even as the battered communities of Riogachd struggled to rebuild, the King’s Royal Navy had been deployed not to the clean-up, but to a blockade deep in the Northern Sea. It hadn’t been long before the rumours began to circulate.

Whispers had spread about strange lights and disappearing ships, though of course the King’s Council refused to even acknowledge the Anomaly.

Which, of course, meant half the populace was convinced the Council were covering up a secret treasure to be had out in the Northern Sea. No one could quite decide on the nature of that treasure—some claimed it must be a sucken galley carrying gold from the bank of Londinium, others that the princess’s ship had gone missing on the raging seas.

As the days turned to weeks, the rumours had grown in size, and now people spoke of portals to another world, of islands of gold risen from the depths, of magic and sorcery, of the power to fulfil a man’s greatest desires.

The last had really caught Zach’s attention.

Eventually, some had tried to slip past the naval blockade. Amateurs for the most part, those with access to a skiff or steamer that had survived the storm. Some had been caught and after a public trial, hanged. The rest had never been seen again.

Now three months had passed, and the amateurs had long since given up trying to uncover the secrets of the Anomaly.

It was time for the professionals to give it a try.

On the wall of the mansion, Zach drew in a calming breath. A cloud drifted across the half-moon, darkening the sky but doing little to dim the lanternlight in the grounds below. But it finally stirred Zachary into action. He made one last check of the knives hidden on his person. Maybe they weren’t as effective as one of the modern revolvers carried by the upper echelons of society, but they were useful in a pinch. And quiet.

Finally satisfied he was ready, Zach stepped from the wall and dropped to the ground with a soft thump. He crossed the lawns quickly, slipping from shadow to shadow, keeping as far from the lanterns as he could. Only once did he stop, when a sudden sound came from overhead. A flash of white feathers was all he glimpsed of the owl as it dove; a moment later it rose on languid wings, the dark body of a rat clutched in its talons.

Frozen in the shadow of a plum tree, Zachary held his breath, waiting to see whether the creature had drawn the attention of the guards. Seconds slipped by and he found his mind drifting back to those first whispers of the Anomaly. He’d always had a nose for a good mystery, and he’d needed the distraction, something to divert his mind from his…other problems.

Even in retirement, Zachary was more resourceful than most of those clinging to the underbelly of Leith. It hadn’t been hard to find a soldier from the royal navy. Most of those in the blockade around the Anomaly spent their off-duty days in Leith. It had been even easier to convince the man to join him at the local tavern. Several rounds of mead later, he’d had the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.

It wasn’t just strange lights and fog that had appeared out in the Northern Sea. An island had apparently risen from the depths, though not of gold. Even so, its appearance had caused much consternation amongst those back in Londinium, for it spoke of great power, one outside the Council’s control.

But when the armada had tried to investigate further, a great mist had risen around the island, and those ships that had drifted too close had been swallowed up, vanishing without a trace.

The soldier had seen the lights himself, great flashes of white and green and blue in the darkness, but his ship had thankfully escaped unscathed by whatever phenomenon surrounded the place.

The entire island was a mystery wrapped in impossibility.

Just the sort of false hope a dying man could cling to with his last days.

About the Author:

Aaron Hodges was born in 1989 in the small town of Whakatane, New Zealand. He studied for five years at the University of Auckland, completing a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Geography, and a Masters of Environmental Engineering. After working as an environmental consultant for two years, he grew tired of office work and decided to quit his job in 2014 and see the world. One year later, he published his first novel - Stormwielder - while in Guatemala. Since then, he has honed his skills while travelling through parts of SE Asia, India, North and South America, Turkey and Europe, and now has over a dozen works to his name. Today, his adventures continue...



October is such a busy month for our crowd. We're thrilled that author Timothy Patrick Means had a chance to stop by and answer our three fave questions. Welcome, Timothy!

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

TPM: The 16-year-old girl disappeared after school on an October afternoon. The police have exhausted all leads. It’s been weeks, but her mother, Barbara, will not stop searching for Melissa.

Her husband, Mark, has given up…and started drinking. Her younger daughter Rachel feels neglected. The police think she is a nuisance. Her job is in jeopardy.

But even more, mysterious things begin happening around Barbara. The shadows that have no source…a dark form, glimpsed beneath Melissa’s bed…the ravens that have assembled on the lawn.

Desperate, Barbara turns to the mysterious Sterling, a man the police scorn as a psychic, a fraud, and maybe worse.

Can Sterling help Barbara find her daughter before it is too late? And what is the mysterious Bishops’ Curse that has haunted Barbara’s family for centuries?

SC: Shadow figures, they're never fun. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

TPM: Yes, unquestionably, they have existed from the beginning of time. I had family come up and visit me back in Wichita, Kansas. My family roots began in Kansas, and they wanted to see some old family stomping grounds. We travelled to an old, deserted town with only one post office and dirt roads down the central part of town. My elderly aunt recognized a house that my grandfather built, and we all went inside. There I could see my aunt becoming troubled by her memories as a child. She excused herself and walked out of the house, troubled.

My cousins and I searched the house and went upstairs. While my camera was snapping away, I heard my cousin asks his sister, “What,” he replied.

She laughed and said, “I didn’t call you?”

“I heard someone call my name. Are you sure it wasn’t you? Next, he turned to me and asked, “Did you call me?”

“It wasn’t me,” I responded. The next thing I knew, they were running downstairs, leaving me alone in the house.  Here is the actual picture I took.



SC: Thanks for sharing that! What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

TPM: A pirate book, I’ve entitled, The Pirates` Blood Oath

SC: We love pirates around here!

TPM: I’m also finishing details on Book 2 of The Bishops’ Sacrifice, titled The Family Curse. It will be out in February of 2022.

I also have a book on Vella, The Sterling Chronicles, which gives the back story on one of the characters, the psychic detective,  in The Bishops’ Curse series.

SC: Thanks so much for chatting today. Let's take a look at Demon Shadow now. 

Demon Shadow
The Bishops’ Sacrifice 
Book One
Timothy Patrick Means

Genre: Horror
Publisher: Mad Dog Press
Date of Publication: 10/01/2021
ISBN: 978-1-7376017-0-8
Number of pages: 179
Word Count: 47831
Cover Artist: Eric Labacz

Book Description: 

The 16-year-old girl disappeared after school on an October afternoon. The police have exhausted all leads. It’s been weeks, but her mother, Barbara, will not stop searching for Melissa.

Her husband, Mark, has given up…and started drinking. Her younger daughter Rachel feels neglected. The police think she is a nuisance. Her job is in jeopardy.
But even more mysterious things begin happening around Barbara. The shadows that have no source…a dark form glimpsed beneath Melissa’s bed…the ravens that have congregated on the lawn.

Desperate, Barbara turns to the mysterious Sterling, a man the police scorn as a psychic, a fraud, and maybe worse.

Can Sterling help Barbara find her daughter before it is too late? And what is the mysterious Bishops’ Curse that has haunted Barbara’s family for centuries?

The Demon Shadow is the first in a series of haunting thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


She hurried down the hallway with the crystal in her hand. As she passed Melissa’s bedroom, the crystal began to glow brighter and brighter. Pausing just outside the door, she stopped and didn’t move. The crystal burned with such intensity that she could hardly look at it.

She held her palm flat, the object resting in the center. She was compelled to walk into Melissa’s bedroom. As she took a step inside, the crystal’s light became blindingly bright, reaching into the darkest corners of the room, filling every murky space with beams of shimmering light. She realized with a shock that she hadn’t turned on any lights; the object glowed more brightly with each step she took.

As she stood silently, watching the effects of the light against the blackest of the shadows. Something moved! Frightened, she wanted to run away but instead stood transfixed as a pair of long, bony arms reached out from under Melissa’s bed.

Somehow, she knew that the dark, shadowy figure was trying to crawl from some other place into this world. As she watched in silent horror, it slowly pulled its body upward from under the bed. A dark and menacing fog swirled and grew until it assumed the shape of a tiny human skull with two bulging eyes embedded in deep sockets, eagerly watching Barbara with keen interest.

Frozen in fear and unable to move or retreat, she stood perfectly still. The dark body changed, blending within the blackness in front of her—this thing was death itself.

Slowly, it rose from the floor and became erect— alive. The air in Melissa’s bedroom was becoming frigid, and Barbara shivered in the sudden cold. All she could do was to stand immobile and watch intently as the apparition came to life.

The body of the ghastly image was almost transparent, with dark, oily skin. Now that it was upright, Barbara could see that it stood close to six feet tall with a body as black as a moonless night.

The creature unfolded two broad, enormous wings; they stretched halfway across the room. To her horror, it opened its mouth wide and let out an ear-piercing scream as if it had just been wounded. Flinching, she clamped her hands over her ears.

Questions flooded her mind. Why is this creature here in Melissa’s bedroom? What can this all possibly mean? Only one thing mattered: How could she defeat this creature that threatening her life?

The answer to that question, she realized, was in the palm of her hand. As the dark demon fully materialized, the small object she held burned ever more brightly. As the entity grew in strength and magnification, the burning brightness in the room increased as well. Somehow, she understood that this object was inflicting the pain the creature felt. Was kind of weapon was it?

More importantly, if this small object caused this beast such enormous pain, how could she use it to defeat the monster?

The light restrained the creature, but it fought against it. In one final attempt to get at her, the creature stuck out its long, skeletal fingers; its razor-sharp nails tried to stop the incandescent light from penetrating its hazy body. Still, every time it drew closer to harm her, the shining brilliance from the crystal object became even brighter and held the creature back.

Inside herself, something suddenly changed; she would not surrender to her fears. She would show this creature no mercy or weakness. She stepped toward the being, holding the light before her. As she did, the creature’s menacing shape began to change. It was no longer the threatening being it once had been, and it began to draw inward. Its once proudly displayed wings collapsed into its body. Its form seemed to lower in submission; the strange creature looked as though it bowed before her.

The incandescent light from the small crystal penetrated deep into its dark body as it began to creep backward under Melissa’s bed, retreating into the world in which it lived. As it withdrew, it took on a much smaller form than before.

Her courage renewed; Barbara took another step closer. As she looked upon the inky body, it shrank to nothingness and disappeared from her sight.

She took a deep breath. It was gone. But she knew it had only been subdued for now. It had had no choice but to retreat to the abyss of its home, in that other world where darkness lived.

But it would be back?

About the Author:
Timothy was raised on the sunny beaches of Southern California. As a young boy, he spent many summers swimming and playing in the ocean without care. Later as the man, he was fortunate enough to land a job in Aerospace, working for McDonnell Douglas. There he worked on military aircraft and, most exciting of all, rockets! All types of space hardware, including the space station, space shuttle, and the Delta rocket.

His life has always been interesting—a father to four children and two stepchildren, Grandfather to 14. He’s given away his heart to all. In his life, he’s always loved writing. His first experience at being creative was describing his feelings through poetry that seemed to get mixed emotions. But it wasn’t until he put pencil to the paper that his imagination soared, and he was set free to explore all the possibilities of creating an exciting story.

Here and now is the result of his work. A new world created from his imagination, where everything was possible, including the dangers and pitfalls.


So we find ourselves nearing the end of October. Do you have kids in the house? Are they getting excited? Let's calm things down. Grab a cup of tea and come chat with author Judith Crow for a few minutes. Welcome, Judith!

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

JC: Pen started as a character in a dream and developed from there.

I knew family had to be important to him – it’s too easy to create a sad backstory for your character to take away the sense of loss when they go away from home. Pen goes to live with his uncle in the second chapter of the book, but he spends the rest of the story missing his parents – even when they’re with him, he still misses them because he’s growing up without them. Napier (his uncle) is Pen’s father’s big brother, but there’s a big age gap so they’re not very close.

Pen’s a typical Main Character, and he has many of the traits which go along with that. To compliment him, I gave him a best friend: Marley. As a popular person, friendship is something Pen’s always taken for granted in his life but the relationship he develops with Marley is something much deeper than anything he’s had before. Over the course of the book, they definitely become more like brothers than friends.

SC: Sounds like Pen has had a bit of a rough ride. Because we're big on the supernatural around here, I want to ask you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

JC: Yes – absolutely and 100%! I actually wrote all my paranormal experiences down in a free eBook called Those Experiences, which is available on the Crowvus website.

My mum has always had a really heightened awareness of the paranormal and most of her children inherited that in some degree. I think my scariest experience was probably when we stayed in a detached and remote house on the very edge of the Yorkshire Dales. It was an Easter holiday, so the nights were still quite long and the darkness which descended on the house was pretty much complete. There was a really strange feel to the building: some places seem to enjoy being holiday cottages (we’ve had our share of those) and you don’t mind being there alone all day, let alone going upstairs alone.

This one was full of a weird sense of bitterness about its situation. It obviously wanted to be a home. We heard scratching at the windows during the night, a dog could be heard padding across the landing while our own dog – shut in his crate downstairs – would wake up at the same time each night and bark as though someone had just walked into the kitchen. In my own room, the temperature would plummet in the middle of the night, leaving me too terrified to open my eyes until it had returned to a normal ambience. On the night before we were due to leave, all this stopped. It was genuinely as though the house was as glad we were leaving as we were!!

One for the ghost hunter, perhaps, but – despite the woodpeckers, owls and other fantastic wildlife – we vowed never to return.

SC: Sounds like you belong around here then, lol. What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

JC: I have two books coming out next year. In October 2022, I’ll be releasing The Ice Cult, which is the second book in The Rite Way trilogy. Hopefully you’ll want to keep reading on about Pen’s adventures after finishing Honour’s Rest. It is very much about the practical and psychological repercussions of what happens in Honour’s Rest, and Pen continues to develop as an individual, although perhaps not in the way he hoped he would!

In April, I’m launching Matthew and Alexander (working title!). It’s the first in a trilogy of books set during the sixteenth century and tying in closely with the Scottish and English royal families of the time. One of the main characters in the book is Margaret Tudor, who is on her journey to become Queen Margaret of Scotland. It’s quite different from The Rite Way though as each book has a different protagonist, and Alexander is the only character who appears in all three. My only real WIP at the moment is the third one in this series, which follows a young woman who goes to live at Honour’s Rest as a five-year-old.

Thank you so much for hosting me and asking these interesting questions – a combination of paranormal and writing is just about my favourite thing to talk about!

SC: Us too! Come back and visit any time! Let's take a look at Honour's Rest now. 


Honour’s Rest
The Rite Way
Book 1
Judith Crow

Genre: Young Adult Magical Realism
Publisher: Crowvus
Date of Publication:11th October 2021
Number of pages:289
Word Count:84525
Cover Artist: Clemency Crow

Book Description:

“So, it’s – what – like magic?” 

No, according to Pen’s uncle, the Rite is not magic at all. But, if it’s not magic, then how could Pen push the school bully into a pond while he was really studying alone in the library? 

When Pen’s family realise he has the Rite, he is sent to live with his Uncle Napier, who can help him control his ability. 

But Napier has other duties. He is the Rendelf, in charge of the Rite in the UK, and he has gathered many enemies over the years… 

…enemies who would be delighted to use Pen against him.

Amazon     Crowvus

Except One (950 Words):

Pen knew that Marley had been studying from different books, books that had highlighted the role of how to interpret and use the Rite, whilst he had only been reading about the importance of the thaumaturge and the history of different Rendelfs who had lived and died in Honour’s Rest. Nothing would come naturally to him, he was sure, but he thought of what he would most like to do and was both shocked and pleased when he heard a cry of impressed surprise from Marley.

He turned around and saw that, just as he had intended, Marley was being harassed by a curtain which had taken the form of a lady in crinoline, just as those in Orkney had done. However, the curtains in Honour’s Rest were far larger, so Pen couldn’t help but laugh as the curtain-ladies almost enveloped his friend in their voluptuous folds.

“Now something darker, I think,” he heard Napier’s voice say, but Pen tried to close his mind to his uncle’s words and focus only on the laughter of his friend. He would not be tricked into using the Knave’s Rite, he told himself. For the first time, he found himself breathing the Rite. He could feel it flowing through him, permeating every sense he possessed and filling his mind with the knowledge and freedom it offered.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp stinging sensation against his cheek and his left eye began to water. He heard Marley’s laughter stop and turned around to face his uncle, in time to duck as Napier flicked an elastic band straight at his face.

“Stop it!” Pen shouted, desperate not to lose the Rite he was only just beginning to find. Napier paid him no attention but just flicked another band into his face. It hit the lid of his watering left eye and Pen felt the pain mixing with the Rite which was coursing through his body. It no longer felt like a freeing experience, but he and it were wrapped around one another to take revenge on the man who was causing him pain. Another elastic band whipped against his ear and he turned back to face his uncle, his eyes burning with anger.

“Stop that!” he screamed again, and he felt the force of his anger leave him for a second and strike Napier. He thought his uncle would fall, but Napier seemed to catch Pen’s anger in his hands and, after moulding it slightly for a moment, he threw it back at his nephew.

Pen felt himself growing angrier. He could almost visualise the Knave’s Rite weaving its way around his body, his blood coloured by it and his watering eyes glowing as furiously red as they felt. He could see his uncle winding that invisible skein around his fingers, and Pen wanted to snatch it away and leave Napier helpless to whatever revenge he chose to take against the man who had so painfully dragged him from the happiest state he had ever known.

He glanced up at one of the enormous swords which was hanging on the wall and imagined himself severing the Rite which kept it there. His own was more powerful, as it lived and breathed along with him. Pen could see his uncle still winding the ridiculous invisible skein around his fingers and felt a sudden superiority. He did not need music or ridiculous hand gestures to wield the Rite. He could do whatever he wished just by thinking, breathing, knowing…

“That’s enough,” he heard Napier say, but that only made him angrier.

It was fine then, he thought bitterly, for his uncle to make him experience the Rite like a performing monkey and then shock him out of the experience through pain.

The sword began to shuffle away from its moorings, causing a cascade of dust and spiders’ webs to fall the twenty feet. He heard Marley calling his name, but he didn’t care. At that moment, he just wanted to show his uncle that he had the power, ability and focus to punish him for his actions.

“Stop that!” Napier shouted, just as his nephew had done seconds before. But Pen was no less stubborn than his uncle, and the sword continued to move across the room. “Stop that now!”

The hint of panic in Napier’s voice gave Pen a sense of satisfaction. He had achieved what Marley had not. He could see Napier’s fingers working frantically as he wound the Rite around them. The sword was now above his head, the pointed tip of the blade only six feet above him. With an angry cry, Pen sent it crashing down, commanding it to reach its target no matter whether or not Napier stepped out of the way.

There was a loud crash of metal as the sword fell on the floor, and the noise seemed to bring Pen back to his senses. The anger was gone, but it had been replaced with a sickening feeling of remorse and guilt which was already feasting on his insides.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

His uncle’s face was almost as white as his right index finger, around which he had pulled the Rite tightly to prevent the sword from hitting him. Napier looked at him in silence for a few moments before shaking his head.

“It can’t be helped,” he said, his voice as calm as ever. “I should have known you had it in you. And every Rendelf must face the darker side of his apprentice sooner or later. I should be grateful it happened before you have full control of the Rite. I’ll tidy this place up. You two go and enjoy what’s left of the sunshine.”

About the Author:

Judith was born in Orkney, grew up in Lincolnshire and now lives in the far north of Scotland. Her work draws inspiration from folklore, experience and the natural world.

The Backwater, Judith’s debut book, was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019.
Judith followed this with Dance With Me in 2020 and her next novel, Honour’s Rest, will be published in October 2021.

When she isn’t writing, Judith is a teacher at a primary school in Caithness. She sometimes finds that writing gets usurped by crafting, music, and being a generally doting spaniel owner.

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