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Only Chance

Chisholm Falls Series

Book Two
Trish Arcangelo

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Date of Publication: 8/31/18

ISBN: 9781386217381

Number of pages: 147
Word Count: 46,351

Cover Artist: Diana Carlile

Tagline: This old flame still burns hot….

Book Description:

Fallon Gentry is back in her hometown after leaving an affluent life in Dallas, and her cheating ex-husband, behind.  She's ready to start over, even if that means dealing with the pain of her first love's betrayal left buried in the past.

 Lucas Chance is a working class guy leading a simple life.  He plays the part of the town ladies' man but deep down he's still reeling from old wounds, namely a heart shattered when the only woman he ever loved walked away.

They're both shocked when Fallon unknowingly shows up on Lucas's duplex door step, looking to rent the unit next door.  Lucas is too intrigued to tell her no and Fallon is too desperate for a place to live.  There's also the blazing attraction still between them.  Now as landlord and tenant, Fallon and Lucas battle their feelings.

Will they discover the truth behind what drove them apart and take their only chance at true love?

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She knocked on the door.  “Lucas?”
The door opened and an arm shot out.  Before she knew it she was pulled inside and the door slammed shut with her back against it.  The bank bag and paper slipped from her hand as he caged her in.
“Where’s Laurel?” he rasped.
“I-in the bathroom.”
“Good,” he said, moments before his lips covered hers.
He didn’t touch her anywhere but on her lips, his hands braced against the door on either side of her head and his rigid body inches from hers.  Somehow that only made it hotter. The intensity of that one contact was like a lightning strike, incinerating all rational thought.  There was nothing but the wicked mouth of the only man she’d wanted for as long as she’d wanted.
Her lips and tongue submitted to his, following his lead as his mouth devoured her.  God, how she missed this.  Tears stung the backs of her eyes at the acute need, the longing.  She reached for him.
Lucas broke the kiss.  “Don’t.”
Her eyes fluttered open.  “W-what?”
“If you touch me, I’ll lose it.”  His voice was husky and warm, the sound of sin.  “Why do you think I’m keeping my hands to myself?  It’s so I don’t take you right here.”
Fallon felt dizzy with want, leaning in.  “But, can’t we just---”
“I’ve been sitting in here all night thinking about what that asshole told me,” Lucas interrupted, leaning down to capture her eyes with his.  “Did you really call out for me, Duchess? All those nights, lying next to him?”

Her brain was screaming at her to lie.  To remember why she was here and the implications of her next words.  But the rest of her was still a quivering mass of pent up desire.  A younger woman who wanted only to please the man in front of her.  Her love.  “Yes,” she whispered.  “All the time.  I dreamed about you.”

About the Author:

Trish published her first book in 2015 and is currently working on her Chisholm Falls contemporary romance series.  A native Texan, Trish lives just outside Austin with her incredibly supportive husband and their incredibly spoiled dog.  She’s been an avid romance fiction reader since she was a teenager and still devours as many romance novels as she can when she’s not writing.  Her other loves include (in no particular order): warm weather, red wine, dogs, trivia, and Halloween. 

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SLS camera captures THE TALL entity at The Castle

Some of you know that I belong to Vancouver Supernatural, a paranormal group in my home town of Vancouver, BC. We were recently on an investigation at the Royal Crown Castle Restaurant and Pub in New Westminster (suburb). Not only is the castle a heritage building, but it once served as part of the British Columbia Penitentiary, and still has what used to be prisoner cells in the basement.

Our SLS camera (think Xbox Kinect) mapped out someone who wasn't in the room. Watch the video and pay particular attention to when I ask if something is wrong with his leg (he then bends it) and when my friend Kathleen asks him to knock on the wall.

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Hello and welcome to Monday. Here's your tarot card for the week. The Knight of Swords has turned up for us. As you can see, she's all about the journey and not too interested in patience. It's a week to plan and get the job done. The task might be kind of bleak, but you're ready for it if you put your mind to it and it will soon be behind you.

Have a good one!

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Today we welcome back an author who is familiar to Supernatural Central readers, Sky Purington. Here's her latest:

Viking King’s Vendetta

Viking Ancestors

Rise of the Dragon

Book One

Sky Purington     

Genre: Time Travel Fantasy/Shifter Romance

Date of Publication:  August 13, 2018


Number of pages:  260
Word Count:  83,000

Cover Artist:  Tara West

Book Description:

Taking a few months to reflect on what she truly wants from life, Emily returns to her family home in Winter Harbor, Maine. Yet she should have known her ties with ancient Scandinavia and those with dragon blood would catch up with her. Moreover, that her connection with the man she loves would be impossible to ignore. Something soon proven when he pulls her back in time to tenth century Norway.

Determined to help his people defeat a dark prophecy, Viking Sven Sigdir returns to his homeland to find two regions minus their beloved kings. Leaderless, both clans look to Sven to rule. Though willing to rise up, he must first uncover the root of the prophecy. That means reuniting with the woman who holds his heart and setting forth on a perilous journey.

Sven and Emily navigate not only their feelings for one another but the burgeoning prophecy that might take it all away. Will they be able to conquer their new adversary before it's too late? Or is this just the beginning of something that will change life as they know it? Find out in Viking King's Vendetta, an action-packed adventure ripe with sizzling passion, epic battles, unexpected twists and memorable characters.

Excerpt 2 (Spicy/Dragon)

Arms crossed over her chest, Emily turned on Sven. “So what’s going on? What am I missing?”
He started to talk then stopped. Then he started again before stopping again. She was about to coax him along with some select words, but he finally came out with the last thing she expected. And when he did, his voice wasn’t quite right.
“Did your mother ever talk to you about going into heat?”
Oh. Odin. Help. Her.
“Enough said,” she managed before she strode after the others, her cheeks on fire. Of course, her mother had talked to her about that. It meant her inner dragon was ovulating for the first time. Something that happened long after her human half did.
Damn it, what crappy timing.
This meant not only would she attract non-related dragons from miles away but be in full-fledge lust herself anytime now. When that happened, her inner beast would seek out the male dragon that appealed to her most and have sex with him. And she had no doubt whatsoever who that would be.
Meanwhile, she was getting ready to walk into a lair full of non-related male dragons.
As if they didn’t have enough problems already.
“Gods, why now?” she muttered, shaking her head. She could already hear Bodhrán drums pounding in the Ancient’s Lair they were so close. She could smell the unique smoky scent of far too many virile male dragons in one place.
“It will be all right,” Sven assured, catching up with her. “If you have any questions—”
“Sven!” she interrupted him. “I don’t have any questions, and if I did, you’d be the last one I’d ask.”
“Because…I don’t know.” She shook her head, not looking at him. “It’s not something I want to talk to you about at all.”
In some ways, a dragon going into heat for the first time was as daunting as a girl getting her menstrual cycle for the first time. You were told what to expect, but it was still all so strange and life-changing. In that female dragons typically did it in their twenties made it that much more bizarre.
“I’ll stay by your side when we arrive at the Ancient’s Lair,” he assured, clearly bracing himself for impact based on his furrowed brows and downturned lips. “You’re already alluring but this…” He shook his head, obviously set to go to battle if need be. “No one will touch you that you don’t want touching you.”
She stopped short at that, surprised. “You mean to say you’d let another male dragon lay with me if that’s what I wished?”
If his jaw got any tighter, it might just snap off. Yet, he said what she needed to hear.
“Yes.” He managed a jerky nod even as his dragon eyes flared in defiance. “We are friends, and I support you in all things. Even this.” His voice grew more strained. “You are a grown woman and a mature dragon. You should be able to make your own decisions. Especially about something so important.”
Funny, she knew he was saying what she wanted to hear, but hell if it didn’t irk her. “You do realize male dragons can’t control pregnancy when female dragons are in heat?”
“I am aware,” he said, his voice low and gravelly now. He was deeply distressed by the conversation but hanging in there. “I’m also aware that your behavior will change while in heat. You will grow more…aggressive.”
“I’m aware.” She arched a brow. “Are you ready for that?”
“I have little choice.” He went to take her hand but stopped, likely fearing a repeat of before. “Like it has always been between us, I will stand by your side and keep you safe. Not as a controlling friend but as one who understands this might be a difficult period of adjustment for you and you may need advice.”
Appreciative, she eyed him for another moment before she nodded thanks and they kept moving along. The truth was she was in uncharted waters and couldn’t be more grateful he was here. Sure, it could get a bit tricky when she got all super lusty, but she knew Sven would keep her at arm’s length. He understood the boundaries she had set until she was ready.
Yet as they continued on and she kept a discreet eye on his tattoo, she found herself more often looking at the muscular definition of his strong arms. At the width of his broad shoulders. Then her eyes would wander down his cut body, and she’d find herself wishing he wasn’t wearing that sleeveless tunic. Then they’d go lower, and she realized she could do without the leather pants too.
Then her thoughts would go even further.
How strong a dragon he was. How big and beautiful he became.
She bit her lower lip hard and kept forcing herself to look ahead, well aware that it was beginning. That her thoughts were becoming far more erotic and at an alarming rate. More so, she realized that this all might be more than she was ready for when they arrived at the entrance to the massive tavern at the heart of the Ancient’s Lair. When far more male dragons than she anticipated looked her way.

About the Author:

Sky Purington is the bestselling author of forty novels and novellas. A New Englander born and bred who recently moved to Virginia, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth, and legend. When combined with a love for history, romance, and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Sky@SkyPurington. Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases? Either visit Sky’s website,, subscribe to her quarterly newsletter or sign up for personalized text message alerts. Simply text 'skypurington' (no quotes, one word, all lowercase) to 74121 or visit Sky’s Sign-up Page. Texts will ONLY be sent when there is a new book release. Readers can easily opt out at any time.

Love social networking? Find Sky on Facebook and Twitter.



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Hello and welcome to Monday.

You just can't stay away from the major arcana cards, can you? This week, THE LOVERS turned up for us. As we can see, it's all candlelight and flowers, and yet…both look a bit apprehensive. The course of true love is often full of trials and tribulations, but taking a hand to guide you eases the path. Keep this in mind as you follow your own light.

Have a good one!


INTERVIEW WITH TENA STETLER (An Angel's Unintentional Entanglement)

We finally got some rain in this rainy city over the weekend. It's been a long dry spell as I have mentioned. I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures and hope you get some relief soon if you're going through a bit of a heat wave in your home town.

Today we have author Tena Stetler popping in for a chat before we get to her new novel.

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
TS: Caden Silverwind is a warrior angel that  lives alone in Colorado's rugged Rockies, healing from physical wounds as well as the mental anguish suffered during battles with dark demons. All he wants is to be left alone to figure out where he goes from here. He’s unsure whether he’ll ever be fit for battle again. On his routine morning walk, he finds a woman barely clinging to life after a horrendous beating. He is not prepared for the entanglement she brings to his life, nor the feelings she awakens in him.

SC:  Just the mention of a warrior angel tells us he has a big cross to bear, so to speak. Angels aside, do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

TS: Yes I do.  Both my mother and grandmother have passed on.  On occasion usually when I am upset about something, I can smell their perfume, Lily of the Valley and Lilac.  I don’t have anything like that in my home.  So I guess they are checking in on me.
My experience at the Imperial Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado was at the performance of Dracula by the Imperial Players in early 1990’s. The performance was excellent, but the strong feeling of someone watching, icy patches and pressure on my arm and lower back, when no one was there. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. I turned around again and saw a white nearly transparent outline disappearing out the door at the top of the theater stairs. After meeting the cast in the lobby for an autograph session, my family and I quickly exited the hotel and raced to the safety of our vehicle, thankful that we hadn’t booked a room. Looking back on the experience, was it the performance of Dracula in the supposedly haunted hotel that caused my imagination to run wild, or was there really something there? I admit to having an overactive imagination, but not that time. There was something there.

SC: I have a theory that some entities like to hang out in theatres because they like the drama. Perhaps in more ways than one. What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

TS: The fifth book in A Demon’s Witch Series, A Magic Redemption, is in edits. I’ve also started a new book for Deerbourne Inn Series that my publisher The Wild Rose Press has put together.  Several authors will be penning their own books set in Willow Springs, Vermont for the series. Mine will be a Paranormal Romance. It’s fun to work with other authors to create stories within the same town and using some of the same characters. 

SC: Sounds fun! Thanks for dropping by today. Let's take a look at your novel now.

An Angel’s Unintentional Entanglement   

A Demon’s Witch’s Series

Book Four

Tena Stetler

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: August 6, 2018

ISBN:  978-1-5092-2142-4 Paperback
ISBN:  978-1-5092-2143-1 Digital

Number of pages: 408
Word Count: 98,000

Cover Artist: Kristian Norris

Tagline:  Warrior angels are forbidden to fall in love…sometimes fate has other ideas.

Book Description:

Fallen warrior angel, Caden Silverwind, lives alone in Colorado's rugged Rockies, healing from physical wounds as well as the mental anguish suffered during battles with dark demons. Then he finds a woman barely clinging to life after a horrendous beating. He is not prepared for the entanglement she brings to his life, nor the feelings she awakens in him.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Agent, Mystic Rayne’s personal dilemma and assignment nearly gets her killed. Divine intervention is a complication she never expected and her growing attraction to Caden is undeniable. Can she trust him with her secret?

Their quest to uncover her attacker takes them from the pristine mountains in Colorado to the wilds of Wyoming. Along the way, they find answers which may place them in more danger. Determined to solve the mystery, they must also navigate their feelings and fears to find love and unite heaven and earth.

Amazon       Amazon UK        Amazon AU

Kobo      BN      iTunes      The Wild Rose Press

Sunrise brought an orange glow spreading over the top of Independence Pass, bathing the valley in warm golden shards of sunlight. Caden stood on the ridge with wings spread, brushing the breeze and absorbing the sun’s warmth. Feels better than yesterday. Finally, I’m gaining some strength back. It was time to move on to Maroon Bells and the lake to enjoy summer in the Rocky Mountains. Carefully, he tucked his wings in and picked his way down the trail. Dislodged rocks and sticks bounced down the path ahead of him as he stopped to admire the view and noticed something in the brush.

She lay naked, battered, and beaten several yards off the trail. Her long, straight black hair fanned around her head, tangled with twigs and bits of grass.  Caden moved silently toward her, stopped, and picked up a Bureau of Indian Affairs ID a few feet from where she lay. He stuffed it in his pocket while watching the surrounding area for signs of her attackers. Kneeling down at her side, he saw scratches and bruises on her high-sculpted cheekbones and her full lips had a shading of blue around them. He placed his hand lightly on her chest, felt a weak heartbeat and sensed a brave soul unwilling to give up. God, this is the last thing I need.

About the Author:

Tena Stetler is a best-selling author of award winning paranormal romance novels. She has an over-active imagination, which led to writing her first vampire romance as a tween to the chagrin of her mother and delight of her friends. After many years as a paralegal, then an IT Manager, she decided to live out her dream of pursuing a publishing career.

With the Rocky Mountains outside her window, she sits at her computer surrounded by a wide array of witches, shapeshifters, demons, faeries, and gryphons, with a Navy SEAL or two mixed in telling their tales. Her books tell stories of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them.

Well, okay there are a few companion animals to round out the tales. Travel, a bit of mystery, and adventure flourish in her books.

Twitter Page:           

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The Affliction
Wendy E Marsh

Genre: New Adult Paranormal

Publisher: Torrid Books of Start Media  
Simon and Schuster Partner

Date of Publication: 12/20/18

ISBN: 978-1-68299-301-9

Number of pages: 248
Word Count: 86,874

Cover Artist: Kelly Martin

Tagline: “Heart throbbing, nail biting Wendy E Marsh’s THE AFFLICTION will hold your attention until the end.” Stephanie Hansen, METAMORPHOSIS LITERARY AGENCY

Book Description:

A shadow passes behind the stranger’s hazel eyes, momentarily distracting Aubrie Lander from the scars slashing down his face and disappearing beneath his tightly fitted t-shirt. But she doesn’t care what makes this equally handsome and terrifying man so solemn. She wants to know why she feels compelled to sit across the booth from him while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Aubrie can smell the whiskey as her new acquaintance lowers his glass to the table, never taking those troubled eyes off her, and her intuition tells her that her life is about to change forever.

In one night, Aubrie’s small-town life collapses, as the stranger’s secret plunges her into an underworld that leads her on a non-stop journey of self-discovery, the unearthing of a secret society, and finding unexpected love she is willing to die for.

The ultimate question, though, is will she kill for him?

Simon and Schuster      Amazon     iTunes     BN

BooksAMillion     GooglePlay     Kobo

About the Author:

Pennsylvania, where she spent a substantial amount of time as a child knee deep in pond water catching tadpoles and salamanders. She also developed a passion for reading and creative writing, which evolved into a love of writing paranormal romance novels. She loves reading books that keep her awake into the early morning and creating stories that do the same. She has her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and works with children with special needs and developmental delays. She currently lives with her fiancĂ© and two fur kids, Bandit the tabby cat and Kara the hound dog. In Wendy’s spare time she enjoys riding her horses, hunting, and anything else that gets her outdoors. Whether she is making silly faces to entertain a child learning to walk or writing about two characters falling in love, she lets her imagination direct her passion.

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So, I know this is kind of crazy coming from a gal who lives in Raincity, but we sure could use some. This has been a very hot, dry summer in my neck of the woods.
Time to pour some iced tea, pull up a lawn chair and read a good book. Like this one perhaps? We're lucky enough to have Claire Davon pull up a chair beside us.
SC:  Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
CD: Maya Wingfield knew she was different from a young age but was always taught to hide her psychic ability from others and to trust nobody, especially not the government. Maya is a psychic but a bit innocent in how the world really works. When she runs from San Diego because of a psychic attack she winds up falling in with the very groups she feared. The group, Universe, and the telekinetic British man, Ian, who she aligns with could be her salvation or her downfall.
SC: Sometimes psychic abilities can be a bit daunting. Maya has her hands full. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
CD: I believe that there is something bigger out there. There is so much we don’t know and don’t understand that there has to be more than what we can see and feel with our current senses. If I ever doubt it I remember what a friend of mine said—I didn’t put the moon up there.
When I was seven years old I was hit by a car. It was a bad accident where I flew above the telephone wires. I remember trying to avoid the car and then the next thing I recall is that I was hovering about ten feet from my body, watching it tumble in the air by the telephone wires. I believe quite strongly that I did not know if I was going to live or die and was waiting to see. If I had come down on my head I would have been dead. Fortunately I landed on my butt. The next thing I remember is being on the ground with my leg twisted at an odd angle, but alive.
SC: Interesting. I've had a somewhat similar, if not as height challenged event with a car and time fragmentation. Speaking of time slipping by, what titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
CD: I always have a lot going on. Right now I am editing the second book in the Universe Chronicles series (for those who have read Shifting Auras, this is Quillan’s journey to love). In addition I am getting the third book in my Elementals’ Challenge book ready for release. I also have several short stories coming out in various genres across the next few months. I have a science fiction romance, two mythology inspired stories and a strange/weird horror story coming out. All of them exercise different parts of my writing chops and I am thrilled that each found a home. I hope all of you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!
SC: Thanks so much for stopping by. Let's take a look at your novel now.

Shifting Auras

The Universe Chronicles
Book One
Claire Davon

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date of Publication:  July 25, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-68291-725-1

Number of pages: 203
Word Count: 60,000

Cover Artist: Ramona Lockwood


When Maya gets yet another call to retrieve her drunken roommate, her mind shows her a hot, amber-eyed Universe operative.

Once before, Ian failed to protect a sensitive from a brain-scrambling attack. He will not fail Maya . . . if it means using his talent—or his body—to stop a bullet.

Book Description:

Maya Wingfield was raised to trust no one—least of all the dueling U.S. and Russian paranormal agencies, Universe and Night Stars, who’d love to harness her mind-reading gift.

She thought Richmond a safe place to escape their influence and hide from a rising psychic malevolence that drove her out of San Diego. But when she gets yet another call to retrieve her drunken roommate, her mind shows her an amber-eyed Universe operative with an impenetrable net around his deepest secret—and a voice that sends shock waves of awareness down her nerve endings.

Maya’s curves and aquamarine eyes aren’t the only things that jolt Ian Sanderson’s mental shields, bringing sexual tension thrumming back to life. It’s a power his Universe-trained mind knows he shouldn’t trust. And a vulnerability that makes his telekinetic power burn in his palms to protect her.

But to Universe, she is just one of too many unanswered questions. A target for Whisper, a shadowy new group of paranormals with powers beyond anything Universe has ever seen. Once before, Ian failed to protect a sensitive from a brain-scrambling attack. He will not fail again . . . if it means using his talent—or his body—to stop a bullet.


The metallic squeal in the distance indicated the train was arriving. A light in the tunnel swept across the concrete wall as it rounded a curve and the brakes continued to shriek. People began to crowd the yellow line, jostling for position, trying to determine where the doors would open so they could leap on and get a seat, a premium on the Metro.
By now the train was visible, moving at a rate that didn’t seem normal. His experience with the Washington Metro was limited, but the tube in London would have been slowing by now.
Awareness flowed through the air, and there was a shift in the commuters as they began to understand that something wasn’t right. Ian released Maya and shoved her behind him. People scattered as the train started screaming into the station at too high a speed.
“Bugger all,” Ian said and reached out with his talent.
Without warning, Maya was yanked from behind him and hurtled toward the moving train before he could halt her.
He split his mind, one focusing on the subway cars and one on her. People were flowing around her, one or two pausing to try and help the woman jerking past them. Maya careered forward, out of their grasp. Sparks lit the tracks as the wheels lifted off the rails, the engineer no doubt applying the brakes in an effort to make the cars stop.
Ian’s talent blazed through him, starting in his belly and moving up his body. It pulsed and crackled, filling him with power fueled by fury and desperation. He reached out his hand, the palm glowing red as his ability hissed out in an arc. Maya halted on the demarcation line that had just been vacated, her eyes wide and staring. Her body was stiff, and her head was bent backwards in an attempt to clear it from the path of the oncoming train.
Beads of sweat broke out along Ian’s body as he found the train’s brakes on the wheels, applying pressure via his telekinesis. The conductor was already applying everything to the pedals, but they were going all the way to the floor. Instead, Ian focused everything on those pads, stomping down as if he were physically there. The train lurched and made a shrieking sound as it slowed. It slid by Maya, her hair blowing back from the rush of displaced air.
For a panicked moment, Ian saw Maya falling onto the tracks in his mind’s eye. Inside, the people standing were thrown forward and then back as the brakes caught. The train shuddered and ground to a halt.
Ian stumbled when he released his grasp on the train. Maya ran to him as he slumped, his shaking hands still glowing with red light. Energy drained from him but all that mattered was Maya, safe.
The train doors opened, and frightened passengers disembarked rapidly. The tourists had wide eyes and open mouths while the regulars seemed more sanguine. They were used to the vagaries of the subway and to them it was nothing more than a bad stop. A very bad stop, to be sure, but just a random day on the Washington Metro.
“Ian?” Maya asked, and he tasted the acrid, metallic scent of fear. It had been a long time since anyone had mattered.
“What did you sense? Anything?”
“I . . . it was so brief. Someone surfaced and before I could react to his mind—it felt like a he— I was being shoved forward. I reached out and tried to stop him, but I didn’t know how. It had to be a telekinetic, right?” By her expression he didn’t think she expected an answer. “It was only a flash, and then it was gone. Why, Ian? What did he want?”

The oath on Ian’s lips was savage. “I don’t know who it was, but they won’t get away with this. Blast. Yin was right. You’re in danger.”

About the Author:

Claire can’t remember a time when writing wasn’t part of her life. Growing up, she used to write stories with her friends. As a teenager she started reading fantasy and science fiction, but her diet quickly changed to romance and happily-ever-after’s.

A native of Massachusetts and cold weather, she left all that behind to move to the sun and fun of California, but has always lived no more than twenty miles from the ocean.

In college she studied acting with a minor in creative writing. In hindsight she should have flipped course studies. Before she was published, she sold books on eBay and discovered some of her favorite authors by sampling the goods, which was the perfect solution. Claire has many book-irons in the fire, most notably her urban fantasy series, The Elementals’ Challenge series, but writes contemporary and shifter romances as well as.

While she’s not a movie mogul or actor, she does work in the film industry with her office firmly situated in the 90210 district of Hollywood. Prone to breaking into song, she is quick on her feet and just as quick with snappy dialogue. In addition to writing she enjoys animal rescue, reading, and movies. She loves to hear from fans, so feel free to drop her a line.

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