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Lucky us! We have author Victoria Danes in the house today. Welcome, Victoria!
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

VD: Jade Sinclair is a private investigator and a touch clairvoyant. When she was twelve years old her father vanished, and her mother became catatonic. She had no family, so she ended up in foster care and had a pretty hard childhood. When she grew up and started coming into her own, she perfected her gift and after college opened her own PI firm.  Her goal is to help people, to bring closure to families to looking for lost loved ones. She is spunky and hot tempered, but she has a good heart. She doesn’t like to be touched. She lives on coffee, and she will never, ever do anything that compromises her integrity.
SC: We're all about the supernatural here. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

VD: I do. I have plenty of experiences, but if I had to pick one, I guess it would be the time I was around eleven years old and I went into the basement of our house to look for my rollerblades with my little brother. He was three at the time. The house always gave me the creeps, especially in the basement, but I really wanted to skate, you know?  So, I went down there with him and while I’m searching for my rollerblades, I hear my little brother having a conversation with someone on the other side of the stairs. He kept asking if he can “go over there with him?” I stopped looking for my rollerblades and just watched him. He was facing the stairs and asking… “Can I please come over there and play with you?” I started to freak out and I asked him who he was talking to. His response was…. “That little boy over there, he won’t let me go play with him.” I ran out of the house with him in my arms and called my mom at work, freaking out! She played it cool and said it was just his imaginary friend, but that was no imaginary friend. That house was a trip. My little brother’s toys would move on their own or go flying across the room when we were all watching t.v.  Eventually, we moved away, and the house has since been torn down.
SC: What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

VD: January Moon is the second book in the series, and it will be out later this fall. I plan on four books for Jade. The third (I don’t have a title yet) will be the last from Jade’s adult POV, but it will be action packed and intense.  Get ready to revisit some old flames and loose ends. And then the last book will take you back to the beginning when Jade was young. It will be about how she came to be who she is now and take you on a journey with her as she suffers through a rough adolescence and learns how to cope with her feelings of abandonment and managing her clairvoyance. I am really excited about all of them and I can’t wait to share them with my readers.
SC: Thanks for stopping by. Let's take a look at your novel now.

I am Jade
The Jade Sinclair Series
Book One
Victoria Danes

Genre: urban fantasy/paranormal romance

Date of Publication: December 17th 2017

ISBN: 9781976809347
ASIN: B0784753DJ

Number of pages: 199
Word Count: 52k

Formats available: mobi, epub, pdf

Cover Artist: Donna Gambel

Tagline: No one’s secret is safe…

Book Description:

Misery loves company…and monsters. 

Secrets have always been a touch away for clairvoyant Jade Sinclair. On a good day, she can read into people’s souls and uncover buried truths long forgotten. To help find three missing teens, Jade uses her gift to assist the local PD in locating them, but soon realizes this is one case she should have turned down because in Misery, Pennsylvania, the monsters that used to lurk in the shadows have now come out to play..

For police officer and werewolf, Adrian Kincaid, life has become a tedious routine. But when he’s called to the scene of an accident, he finds himself consumed with the urge to save the unknown female victim. Jade. With seconds ticking by and her life slipping, he does the one thing he’d sworn to never do, bite her, awakening something dark and hungry inside her that could threaten not only the investigation, but everything Jade thought she knew about herself. Can she silence the cravings inside her and bring the teens home before it’s too late? Or will she become the kind of monster she’s searching for?


As I walked in, Celeste had Cross hypnotized against the bathroom wall. He looked to be enjoying himself until he locked eyes with me.
“Hello, handsome,” I said walking toward him.
“Who the fuck are you?” he asked through bared teeth.
Celeste swiftly knocked out his feet from under him, dropping him to the floor, and I quickly straddled him so he couldn’t move. His dark eyes widened with surprise. My strength had a way of catching people off guard.
“Oh, I’ve been called lots of things,” I answered with a smile as I pulled out my gun. “But tonight, my tits will be the last pair you see if you don’t talk to me. Now…let’s play a little game.” I suggested.
The crease between his brows deepened. “You got the wrong guy, lady. If you want to get laid you’re going about it all wrong.”
“Tsk. Tsk.” I clicked my tongue. “Wrong response, lover.”
His fear caused my skin to tingle. It was a strange yet enjoyable feeling. I wasn’t a sadist, but tonight I felt all kinds of wrong.
“Boss, you got this?” Celeste asked from the corner of the room. She never liked this part of my work.
“I’m good,” I said. “You can go and tell them to give me ten minutes.”
She nodded and headed out of the restroom.
Once she was gone, and I was alone with Cross, I leaned down just above his mouth. “Let’s play.” I proposed.
“Look, I don’t know who you are, but I’m telling you, you got the wrong guy.” He squirmed.
“I don’t think so but nice try.”                                    
“Get the fuck off me, lady!”
When he struggled beneath me, I knocked him back down – hard. His breath left in a gush.
Something told me Carlisle Cross was a lover, not a fighter.
I think he realized that I was much stronger than he anticipated.
“I don’t think you want to piss me off. It’s been kind of a rough night,” I said.
“You don’t say,” he grunted.
“Truth or dare?” I asked.
“Truth…or…dare?” I asked again slowly.
“Look, I don’t know what sick fucking game you’re playing, but I’m not into it.”
“You’re pretty brave to test me,” I said touching the gun to his cheek.
His heart pulsated against my palm.
“Truth. Three girls have gone missing, all in the same week, all last seen with you. Yes?”
He didn’t answer. I elbowed him in the ribs and he cried out.
“Yes?” I asked again.
“Yes, yes…” he admitted quickly.
“Now.” I took off the safety on the gun. “I dare you to deny knowing where they are.”
His eyes grew impossibly large. “Wait…wait…” He studied my face and then recognition sparked in his eyes. “Hey, I know you. You’re the lady from the paper. You’re that 3D chick. That’s it!” He grinned. “You work with the cops. You can’t shoot me,” he stated matter-of-fact.
“Oh, can’t I?” I taunted. “Are you sure?”
He didn’t answer.
He had me though. I couldn’t shoot him.
I pulled up my gun and clicked the safety back on.
“You’re right.” I pouted, putting my gun back in my waistband. “I can’t shoot you. But if you read the paper, then you know what I am, don’t you?” I smiled through my red lips.
“A freak?” he solicited.
“Maybe.” I laughed dryly. “But a freak that can choose to be predator or prey. Guess which one I chose to be tonight?” I whispered.
The power I contained inside me slowly crawled into him like rushing spiders and invaded his perverted mind like a parasite.
He screamed and begged me to stop. I knew his head was feeling like it would explode. I let that ride out before I attacked him with the crippling fear I’ve harbored from previous kidnapped victims.
When I had enough fun, I picked his mind for the information I wanted. I saw him chat with these young ladies online and over the phone. I watched him charm them one by one and make false promises to each of them, but when I was about to extract the information I needed, something or someone cast me out.
My head felt like it had been split open.
Breathless, I tried to stand as police swarmed the room.
Faust made his way to me but didn’t dare touch me. He knew better. I didn’t like to be touched.

About the Author:

Victoria Danes was born in Transylvania, but grew up in the United States. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. Books have been her passion ever since she was a little girl. She loves everything from mysteries and thrillers, but holds a special place in her heart for historical romance. She prefers reading and writing to watching television "because our imagination can be much more entertaining."

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Lust: A Blood Moon Rising Werewolf Romance
Blood Moon Rising
Companion Novella to Book 2
Lola Taylor

Genre: Werewolf Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Indigo Dreamer Press

Date of Publication: November 25, 2015

ISBN: ISBN-10: 0983513171
ISBN-13: 978-0983513179
ASIN: B018PH0R84

Number of pages: 188
Word Count: 42,000

Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Design

A Blood Moon Rising Companion Novella, Takes Place During the Same Timeframe as Book 2 in the Main Series

Tagline: Can love be born from hatred?

Book Description:


Beta werewolf—and ex–bounty hunter—Shadow knew when his Alpha commanded—er, “politely growled”—for him to attend the werewolf summit, that it was going to royally suck. Not only does he not want to fool around with all that royal werewolf bullshit, but he also knows he’s not exactly everybody’s favorite guy. Considering he ruined a lot of those werewolves’ lives in his old profession, he’ll be lucky if he can survive the weekend. Not to mention his mating Fever is driving him insane—and so is the feisty Alpha female he’s Marked as his mate.


Spirited Breanna Whiteclaw is barely holding it together. With an ornery Alpha named Strider out to make her—and her pack —his own, and with her pack recovering from recent attacks by an unknown enemy, she has her paws full. Attending the summit means leaving her pack in their time of need, but as a royal werewolf, she knows she has no choice. Add to that the fact that her Blood Moon is approaching, and she has yet to find a mate—until the devilishly handsome Shadow Marks her as his own.


Shadow never intended to go through with the mating ceremony—especially with the daughter of a man he killed. But his Fever has other plans. The more he’s around her, the more he craves her touch, longs to hear her voice, and aches to claim her.

From the moment Shadow’s Mark formed on her hand, Breanna knew her mate-bond was destined for failure. The bounty hunter responsible for her father’s death is the last wolf on this earth she could ever bind herself to forever. But if she wants to remain Alpha and save her pack, she might not have a choice. As Strider closes in on her, she finds herself relying on Shadow’s quiet strength—and craving those rough hands all over her curves.

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Shadow felt her watching him before he saw her.
His eyes followed his senses, locking onto a tall raven-haired woman with olive skin. Her eyes were slanted and deep brown, her brows thick and black, her lips full. Her features made her look like an Indian princess. Tribal tattoos of black ink covered her biceps and wrists in bands. The simplicity of her inky dress complimented the turquoise stones dangling from her ears. She was radiant.
And pissed as hell as she stormed over to him.
He raked his brain, trying to figure out who this woman was.
“How dare you show your face here, murderer!” she screeched, getting right in his face. Anger seethed from every pore in her lovely, toned body. Not that he was looking.
Eyes upward, mate.
He didn’t flinch at the flung insult. He’d been called worse.
Drake stepped up to stand beside him. “Breanna,” he said smoothly, ever the diplomat. “I see you’ve met my new head of security, Sh—”
“I know who he is,” she spat, still glaring at him. “He’s the man who murdered my father.”
Stunned silence followed the statement. It was the first time Shadow had seen Drake struck speechless. A crowd had gathered around them as people pretended to be chatting but were secretly listening to the fight.
Freaking rubberneckers.
Drake at last shook his head and cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, you must be mistaken.”
“No,” Breanna said coldly, holding Shadow’s gaze. The burning fire in her eyes only made her more attractive. Breanna... Breanna… why couldn’t he remember who she was? “I’ll never forget the face of the man who killed Bear Whiteclaw.”
Bear White… Oh fuck.
This was his daughter? Shadow remembered seeing her at his trial, giving a passionate testimony that nearly had the jury ruling in favor of killing his ass. He hadn’t recognized her. She’d changed in the years since they’d met. She’d grown more into a woman.
A harder, colder version of the tearful pup mourning over her father, a man who deserved to rot in hell for the crimes he’d committed against mankind and paranormals alike. Killing Bear Whiteclaw had been doing the world a favor. Instead, it had earned him the scorn of a lot of people, including the fiery female in front of him.
Words of apology dried up in his mouth. How did you say you were sorry for something like that? “Miss, I—”
“What? You’re sorry? Don’t you dare lie to me, you son of a bitch.” Her dainty hands formed fists, which trembled at her sides. Blood dribbled between her fingers, dripping to the floor. Her claws must have come out. He’d bet his retirement she was itching to tear his face off. She’d probably smile while doing it.
A tall blond man who looked as if he could bench press a bus walked up to Breanna and whispered something in her ear. The tension eased out of her, but only slightly.
She stepped up to Shadow, her lips brushing his cheek and making him shiver.
“If it’s the last thing I do,” she whispered, “I’ll kill you.”
In one fluid motion, she was gone. He watched her walk away, his body too wired from the heat burning through him.

A fire that had blazed to life the second her lips had caressed his skin with the threat of death.

About the Author:

“Lola Taylor” is a pen name created for the romances I can’t show my grandma without blushing. My favorite genre to write is romantic suspense, usually involving hot werewolves, warlocks, or any other type of paranormal creature. Keep the action hot and the romance hotter—that’s my motto! I’m a horror film junkie, I still love Halloween as an adult (seriously, I think I get more excited for it than some kids do), and what precious spare time I have is spent with my family, reading (everything from sci fi to middle grade), playing the flute, painting pretty pictures, or screwing around on Pinterest or Etsy. Hailing from the South, I currently live in the Midwest with five fur babies and my hubby.

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HTML Celia Breslin's Top Ten TV and Movie Werewolves

Hi Everyone!

Halloween is the perfect time of year to binge-watch supernatural shows. For your viewing pleasure, here are my top ten favorite movies and TV shows featuring wolf shifters in either a primary role or as fun supporting characters.

In no particular order…


1. The Underworld movies.  Seriously badass Lycans.

2. Wolf (1994), starring Jack Nicholson.  Can’t go wrong with Jack Nicholson.

3. An American Werewolf in London (1981). A classic.  Humor + Horror.

4. Ginger Snaps (2001).  Teen angst. Dark humor + horror.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seth Green as Oz, the musician/werewolf who loves Willow.

6. Vampire Diaries. Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood, a broody bad boy with heart.

7.  True Blood. Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux = soooo sexy.

8. The Originals. Joseph Morgan as Niklaus Mikaelson. A vampire/werewolf hybrid, 100% badass. So are the other hybrids on the show.

9. Supernatural. Entertaining werewolves on both sides of the “good vs. bad” fence.

10. Legacies. A Vampire Diaries spin-off chock-full of werewolves and other teens from the preternatural community.

Jasmine Moon
Black Hills Wolves
Celia Breslin

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher:  Decadent Publishing

Date of Publication: June 3, 2016

ISBN:  9781683610458

Number of pages:  108
Word Count:  36,400

Cover Artist:  Fiona Jayde

Book Description:

Tech mogul and workaholic Wolf Evan Luparell has little time for distractions but takes a break for his brother’s wedding in South Dakota. When asked to escort another wedding attendee from the airport to Los Lobos, he agrees. Then he meets the curvy spitfire, and she ignores him.

Designer and Wolf Mina Carver didn’t mean to be rude to the handsome, glowering man claiming to be her ride, but she was busy working. Now she must endure a ride to the Black Hills with the cranky but sexy Dominant Wolf. Unexpected mating energy sparks between them, but still—should she dismiss, or kiss him?

Kisses win and they agree upon a no-strings fling. But with each wedding activity throwing them together, and their powerful chemistry and mate compatibility complicating matters, can two workaholics truly have their fun then walk away?

Amazon UK       Amazon US     BN     Bookstrand

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Evan tipped his head and eyed the ceiling. Prompt replies, punctual people. Striking deals and hitting deadlines. These items made his world tick. Not loitering around a miniscule airport pulling a Waiting for Godot moment on infinite repeat for a no-show, flakey designer from California.
God grant him patience and balls of steel when he showed up without the designer and the all-important wedding dress, because his future sister-in-law Darci would certainly be unhappy. […]
He took a deep fortifying breath and froze. Airport smells assailed his senses—the sharp tang of bleach and lemon-scented cleaners, […] coffee, donuts, fried fast food, and under it all, the distinct musk of wolf.
Female wolf.
She smelled damn good. His wolf perked up, and his legs propelled him toward the empty baggage claim, where one bright-pink suitcase covered in Hello Kitty stickers sat, unclaimed, on the unmoving L-shaped conveyor belt. Her scent, stronger here, socked his gut, and his gaze shot to the corner.
The chaos around the woman stunned him silent. Large, paper coffee cup, half-eaten banana, and a quarter of a powdered doughnut perched on a brown paper bag next to her. Crumbs splattered the linoleum and the woman’s long-sleeved blue blouse in a thick layer of white, sugary dust. On her other side, two pink garment bags lay like corpses, along with a bubblegum-pink unzipped duffel as long as her outstretched, denim-clad legs. Some of the bag’s contents—pads of drawing paper and large swaths of fabric—protruded over the opening, the fabric splaying over her legs in a rainbow-colored blanket. Her feet peeked out of the mess, encased in sparkling pink UGGs. Good grief, sequins? She smacked her shiny boots together in a poor imitation of Dorothy and bobbed her head from side to side in time to some music only she seemed to hear. Her shoulder-length red hair, the color of ripe dark cherries—his favorite fruit—gleamed under the harsh airport lighting and curtained most her face from his view, save a pert nose and small chin, both speckled with a generous amount of freckles.
He’d always liked freckles.                     
Clearing his throat, he stepped closer, but she didn’t flinch in surprise or look up. Her attention remained on the tablet on her lap, the stylus between her pale, freckled fingers swiping without hesitation over her screen. […]
He positioned himself right in front of her wiggly, booted feet. “Excuse me, J—”
“Sh.” She raised her arm and flicked her hand in the universal get lost gesture.
He gaped at her. “Excuse me?”
Another wave of her hand while her stylus streaked across her tablet screen with the other. “Not interested.”
Nice voice. Low and husky. Her attitude, on the other hand… “But—”
“Go away.” Her velvet voice carried a stubborn edge.

In other circumstances, he would’ve admired her strength. But he’d wasted copious amounts of time hunting for the clearly inconsiderate and irresponsible female. “Fine. Get your own damn ride to Los Lobos. Jasmine.”

About the Author:

Celia lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for werewolves, vampires, and the Fae. Her stories are action-packed and typically include one of the many varieties of romantic entanglements: fated mates, second chance, rescue romance, opposites attract, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and more.

When not writing, you’ll find Celia exercising, reading a good book, hanging with her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies, as well as everything in the Marvel Universe franchise. Of course!


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We have a dark mistress in the house today. Let' welcome Aurora to Supernatural Central.
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
DMA: I am the main character of my book because my stories are true. I write full time. This is just one of many pen names I have that I created to protect my identity. I’m an introvert and love listening to horror stories (real or fake) on Youtube.
SC: I guess so. These questions are standard and we don't get a lot of anthologies. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
DMA: Yes. I write about my paranormal experiences in my books actually. If you want to read about them, then I recommend downloading my first book, which is completely free.
SC: Good to know.
DMA: I’ve written about everything from cursed objects, shadow men, creepy children, clawing I heard in the dark, and more. When I write about my experiences, it helps me deal with the terror of them.
SC: What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
DMA: I’m continuing my stories on my true life paranormal experiences. It’s been awhile since I published one. The next one I am going to share will probably be the one about a possessed roommate my mother had and told me about.
SC: I think I had one of those myself once. Thanks for stopping by today. Let's take a look at your book now.

True Scary Stories: Volume One
Dark Mistress Aurora

Genre: Horror

Date of Publication:  December 11, 2017

ISBN: 9781386008217
ASIN: B07888ZT6V

Number of pages: 15 pages
Word Count:  3,225

Cover Artist: Go On Write

Tagline: As you turn each page, terrified, you won’t know what is real and what is not.

About this Book:

I'll never feel completely safe being home alone after I saw a shadow man for the first time.

About this Series:

This is not just a horror novel or a true life story, it's also a game. I wanted to write out my real life supernatural experiences, but I also wanted to remain anonymous, so I disguise my identity by writing two fake stories along with every real story I tell.

It's your job to figure out which story is true and which ones are fake.


Warning! Read at your own risk! Studying shadow men can cause them to visit you!

"Good and definitely worth reading again. Quick and. scary almost like recounting things that we've experienced. Those things that go bump in the night." A. Ronan

"The little book scared me more than 3000 of Steven King!" Trina D.

"Very Interesting and Terrifying" - Anonymous

"These stories will scare you" - Anonymous


There are some people who attract darkness. It doesn’t mean they are dark people themselves, it’s just the hand life has dealt them. People like us feel a kinship when we first meet each other because no one else can understand what we have seen.

Many times, people like us were vulnerable in some way. I had parents who weren’t very protective of me growing up, for example, which left me exposed to certain people I otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. A lot of us are also quite sensitive. We pick up on supernatural things that other people aren’t able to.

I never realized how truly strange my experiences were until I decided to share one of my stories on a website and it wound up being read and commented on many times.

It’s therapeutic to get these things off my chest. But I didn’t want anyone to figure out that any of it was me. I wanted to remain anonymous, because stories like these are controversial, and a pen name didn’t seem like it would be enough.

I decided to write out my stories one by one, but add two fictional stories of similar themes along with each story. That way no one could tell for sure which of these things had actually happened to me and which of these things hadn’t. Without that information, it’s difficult to trace the stories back to me.

It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, just know that two of these stories are fake and one is real. It’s up to you to decide which is which.

About the Author:

Dark Mistress Aurora has experienced creepy things her whole life, which has made her so shy she hides behind a pen name.

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