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I can't believe how quickly November is passing by. Is everyone knee-deep in the hustle and bustle? Let's take a break from it all and have a quick chat with author Robert Herold  . Welcome to Supernatural Central, Robert.

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
RH: Nigel Pickford is a thirty-nine year-old veteran of the Civil War. He was cursed by a witch during the war with the ability to foresee events. Nigel is like Cassandra in Greek mythology: no one believes him and he cannot stop their occurrence. He is particularly haunted by an 18-year-old vision where he foresaw his Confederate troops being massacred and another vision predicting the end of the world. Alcohol quiets these and other visions, but has caused him to become a derelict. Though a drunk, he has obsessively attacked and exposed fake mediums, searching for one with legitimate supernatural abilities who could help him with his own. Now, the Eidola Project offers him a chance to break the curse and potentially, during the series, save the world—provided his character flaws do not wreck this one chance at salvation.

SC: Nigels seems to have some paranormal gifts. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
RH: I have never had a paranormal experience, but the history of beliefs around the world, and the attempts at scientific investigations—particularly in the Nineteenth Century—are fascinating. An inspiration for my book is Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death, Deborah Blum’s wonderful non-fiction book. Another good resource was Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach (author of Stiff).

SC:  What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
RH: The next Eidola Project novel is set in 1885 Virginia. It involves a werewolf and is entitled, Moonlight Becomes You. I hope to have it out, mid-2020. I am currently 100 pages into writing the third book, Totem of Terror, set among Northwest Coastal Indians.

SC: Thanks for popping in today. Let's take a look at your novel now.

The Eidola Project

An Eidola Project Novel

Book One

Robert Herold

Genre:  Horror

Publisher:  Wild Rose Press (Black Rose Imprint)

Date of Publication: November 18, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-5092-2406-7 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-5092-2407-4 Digital

Number of pages:  290
Word Count: 69870

Cover Artist:  Debbie Taylor

Tagline:  The Eidola Project is recruiting. Dare to join them?

Book Description:

It's 1885 and a drunk and rage-filled Nigel Pickford breaks up a phony medium's séance. A strange twist of fate soon finds him part of a team investigating the afterlife.

The Eidola Project is an intrepid group of explorers dedicated to bringing the light of science to that which has been feared, misunderstood, and often manipulated by charlatans. They are a psychology professor, his assistant, an African-American physicist, a sideshow medium, and now a derelict, each possessing unique strengths and weaknesses.

Called to the brooding Hutchinson Estate to investigate rumored hauntings, they encounter deadly supernatural forces and a young woman driven to the brink of madness.

Will any of them survive?

            Sarah retrieved the lamp and twisted the peg. The outhouse door swung open on its own, and she gasped.
            “Momma?” Sarah asked as she held out her lantern. No. A ruined version of Molly stood in the doorway.
            Before her disappearance, people often commented on the sixteen-year-old’s beauty, but in the last twenty-eight days birds pecked out her pretty blue eyes, and maggots now swam in the sockets. Molly’s head hung to the left at an odd angle. Her skin looked mottled with patches of gray, blue, and black. A beetle crawled out of Molly’s half-opened mouth and darted back in.
            Sarah’s heart leaped to her throat, and she jumped back. She lost her footing, fell onto the outhouse seat, and dropped the lantern to the floor. She bent to retrieve it; thankful the glass globe did not break. Sarah looked up and saw an empty doorway.
            Impossible, she told herself. Must’ve dozed off, had a nightmare, and woke up when I dropped the lamp. Her heart still pounded in her chest, and Sarah took a deep breath to calm herself.
            Holding the lamp before her once more, she crept out…

About the Author:

The supernatural always had the allure of forbidden fruit, ever since Robert Herold’s mother refused to allow him, as a boy, to watch creature features on late night TV. She caved in. (Well, not literally.)
As a child, fresh snow provided him the opportunity to walk out onto neighbors’ lawns halfway and then make paw prints with his fingers as far as he could stretch. He would retrace the paw and boot prints, then fetch the neighbor kids and point out that someone turned into a werewolf on their front lawn. (They were skeptical.)

He has pursued many interests over the years (among them being a history teacher and a musician), but the supernatural always called to him. You could say he was haunted. Finally, following the siren’s call, he wrote The Eidola Project, based on a germ of an idea he had as a teenager.

Ultimately, he hopes the book gives you the creeps, and he means that in the best way possible.

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It's always exciting for an author to see the cover work come to life. Christian Cura has let us have a peak at it ahead of publication. What do you think?
Dreams of Fire    
Christian Cura

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: 12/8/2019

Number of pages: 118
Word Count: 67,000

Cover Artist: Christian Cura

Tagline: And if you wrong her, shall she not revenge?

Book Description:

Dreams of Fire is the story of Kara Hartman, a young painter who is hiding her magic from the world. Traumatized by the loss of her brother, she wants nothing more to do with magic. But when an old foe resurfaces, hellbent on destroying all that she loves, Kara has no choice but to embrace the only power that can stop her.


Chapter One
Kara Hartman Prison, Canadian Wilderness, 1 year ago

The cold stone corridor stretched before Kara as she walked its length. In the silence of the passage, her quiet footsteps echoed against its gray walls. Every steel door she passed marked a memory of the events that led her to this point. Every step she took struck her like a pang of regret. She barely felt the cold draft as it touched her pale face and hands or heard the sound of her brother’s footsteps behind her. Kara’s mind was flooded with memories of fire, blood and death. In the ghastly glow that filled the passage she could again see the blood of a Sacrifice and the deathly pallor of one she had lost. The memories haunted Kara and burned her mind’s eye as she drew closer to the cell at the end of the corridor.
Kara stood before the last door, the culmination of her dark reverie. Her heart throbbed for the one on the other side of it, the one she could not save. Suddenly her brother, John touched her shoulder. She turned and looked up at him; his pale blue eyes fixed on her.
“Kara, you don’t have to see her if you don’t want to.” he said softly.
For a moment, she considered walking away. It would be so much easier to leave and pretend as if nothing happened. It would be so easy to not have to look upon the one she had failed, but Kara had not come to do what was easy. She came to do what was necessary.
“No, I need this,” Kara replied firmly.
John looked at her as if he were about to say something, but even as the words formed in his mind he held back. He cast a spell to unlock the door and pushed it open. The door creaked as it swung on its hinges, and a cold gust blew out of the cell. Kara’s short blonde hair fluttered in the wind. She stepped through the threshold as John pulled the heavy door shut behind her.
In the corner of the cell sat a young woman forlorn on the stone floor. Her bare feet were drawn toward her as she shivered in a tattered robe. Her wrists were bound and shackled with thick chains. The woman glared up at her with dark eyes that blazed with anger.
“What are you doing here?” she growled— the searing words stung with the heat of her wrath.
“I came to say goodbye and…I’m sorry.” Kara said. She could barely maintain eye contact with the woman in chains. Her simmering gaze pierced Kara like a dagger.
“Sorry? Is that all you have to say to me?” the prisoner exclaimed.
Kara’s eyes grew misty as another winter gust blew through the tiny barred window of the cell. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you from yourself.”
“Save me? Is that what you think you were trying to do? I was so close to getting him back and you interfered!” the woman yelled as she stabbed an accusing finger at her.
“I couldn’t let you cross that line, Charlotte. I didn’t want you to become…this.” Kara said.
“I’ll make you pay for what you stole from me!” Charlotte exclaimed. “I will get out of here, I will find you and I will make you pay!”
Kara’s eyes dropped to the floor. “No. You won’t. Goodbye, Charlotte.” She turned away and pounded on the door.
“I will burn you alive and reduce everything and everyone you love to ashes!” the prisoner bellowed. John opened the door from outside just as Kara turned back to Charlotte.
“If you ever come after me or anyone I care about, I will stop you.” Kara said firmly.
“Oh, like how you stopped me from killing Anthony?” Charlotte replied with a chilling smile. Kara took a step toward the chained woman but John grasped her arm from behind. Charlotte tossed her head back and laughed.
“Don’t you ever speak his name again!” Kara shouted.
Charlotte’s laughter echoed against the walls of her cell. “I hope you look over your shoulder everywhere you go! Whenever you see fire, you will see my face and hear my voice. Let my words be burned into your memory! I will raze everything you love to the ground and I won’t stop until the bones of your loved ones are ashes at your feet!”
Kara raised her hand and Charlotte was suddenly hurled backward into the wall by some invisible force. Her feet hung suspended above the stone floor and her arms outstretched at her sides. But Charlotte simply gazed at Kara with dark, simmering eyes and a malevolent grin.
“Kara, enough!” John said quietly. Kara’s anger boiled as she stood with her hand raised, her adversary pinned to the wall.  For a long moment the two women locked eyes; one firmly set to defend— the other determined to destroy, but John was right. Charlotte was imprisoned, stripped of her freedom and her magic. There was no escape for her. Kara dropped her hand and Charlotte’s feet hit the ground. “Let’s go,” John said in a gentle voice. Kara slowly turned away from Charlotte and followed her brother out of the cell.
“I’ll be seeing you…friend!” Charlotte called as the door slammed shut behind them.

About the Author:

Christian is an independent writer who dreams of one day becoming a published author. Ever since he read Lord of the Rings as a teenager it has been his goal to write and publish a novel of his own. Christian’s favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan and J.K. Rowling.

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INTERVIEW WITH P.L. BLAIR (A Plague of Leprechauns)

It's a busy day here at Supernatural Central, but not too busy to take time to chat with author P.L. Blair who is here to talk about the release of the sixth installment in the series A Plague of LeprechaunsWelcome!
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

PLB: In fact, there are two main characters – Kat Morales and her lifemate, Tevis MacLeod. Kat is a human, Tevis an elf, and the two were partners on the Corpus Christi, Texas, police force before they became lifemates.
The premise of my Portals books is that our mundane Earth has a twin – a world that exists in the Realms of Magic. The gateways between the two worlds – the Portals – were once open, allowing all the denizens of the Realms – elves, wizards, pixies, etc. - access to the human world, which is why we have these legends about them. Then wizards closed the Portals - until four or five years before the events of “Leprechauns,” when the Portals opened again, allowing beings from the Realms to once more access the human world.

Kat and Tevis are part of a team organized by the wizard Arvandus to solve crimes committed through the use of magic. They’re intensely devoted to each other, and they have a strong sense of justice. Tevis is the son of an elven “Laird,” though he isn’t his father’s direct heir, and he likes it that way. He likes the humans’ world and has adapted to its changes fairly easily.
Kat, when she thinks about it, can still find herself amazed that Tevis fell in love with her, choosing her over much more beautiful elven women (though Tevis’ rejoinder is that Kat has a beautiful soul – which is what matters to him). She was a cop for years before the Portals opened and she met Tevis, and though she can be a little daunted by the magical abilities of Tevis and the rest of Arvandus’ team, she still pulls her own weight with the team and insists on being in on the action.

SC: Sounds like they have their hands full. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
PLB: I do believe in the paranormal. Many years ago, when I was a pre-teen, a person I cared about very much disappeared. To this day, I don’t know for certain what happened to her. But at the time, my family was living in an upstairs apartment – straight vertical walls in front, no way to reach the front windows. Yet one morning not long after this individual disappeared, I wandered into the living room, and on one of the windows was a set of handprints, like someone had dipped their hands in flour and pressed them against the window. Mother had been outside watering her flowers, and she came in about then – and saw the handprints. So I knew they weren’t just my imagination.

The interesting thing was, the person who had disappeared – when she was a child – had broken one of her fingers, and the break healed with a little crook in that finger. The finger on that handprint on the window was crooked in exactly the same place. Mother and I stared at the handprints and over time, maybe half an hour, maybe not quite that long, they slowly faded away, leaving no trace that they’d ever been there.
SC: That is really intriguing. Thanks for sharing it with us.  What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

PLB: I’ve just started working on “Chaos Stone,” Book 7 in my Portals series. I don’t know much about the book myself at this point – I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer, getting clues from my characters as I go along. All I know at this point is that there once was an ancient stone, imbued with magic so powerful that wizards broke it into fragments and scattered the pieces so they couldn’t be reassembled. Then, before they retreated into the Realms and closed the Portals for the first time, they left at least some of the pieces in the human world, knowing that the magic still in those fragments would fade away without the magic of the Realms to affect them.
Only now, with the Portals open, the magic in those fragments is starting to reawaken, and someone is searching for them ...

SC: Terrific! Thanks for chatting with us. Let's take a look at your novel now.
A Plague of Leprechauns
Book Six
P.L. Blair

Name of series and book number in series:

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Detective

Publisher: Studio See
Date of Publication: 2019

Number of pages: 244
Word Count: 87,146

Cover Artist: Pam See

Book Description:

Someone has found a way to steal gold from a Leprechaun – leaving a trail of bodies across Corpus Christi, Texas.

It’s up to Kat Morales and her elf partner, Tevis McLeod, to find the thief, stop the killings, restore the gold to its rightful owner – while keeping themselves from becoming victims to murder and the curse of a Leprechaun’s gold.

            Harry Anderson stared at the object on the countertop. Frowned. Lifted the frown to the kid on the other side of the counter. “You're prankin' me, right? Freakin' puttin' me on! A bag? You want me to give you money for a freakin' bag?”
            “Not ... money.” The kid stared into Harry's face. He looked eighteen, might've been in his twenties. Early twenties. Probably been smoking, shooting, snorting since he was ten or eleven.
            Harry stared back. In the old days, he would've been suspicious as hell, some kid coming into his place wanting goods. It was the kind of thing that had sting written all over it.
            But this was now, and Harry had paid a Practitioner plenty to set wardings all over the place to go off – silently, something only Harry could hear – when a cop entered. Even a cop gone undercover. This kid wasn't a cop. And …
            A bag?
            Still ... never hurt to be cautious. “I run a pawn shop, kid. Money's all I got, unless you're lookin' to trade for somethin' else I got around here.” The sweep of his hand included the jewelry and watches in his cases, old guitars hanging from the walls, bicycles, lawn mowers ... junk. “And that bag ain't gonna get you anything.”
            “I got friends who say you have stuff you reserve for ... uh ...” the kid leaned forward, lowered his voice, “special customers.”
            “Friends,” Harry echoed. Oh hell, this was getting good! What'd the kid want? Weed? Crack? Cherry? Maybe cherry – yeah. Some of that new stuff finding its way from the other side of the Portals.
            “They say you sell Dust,” the kid whispered.
            “Dust.” Harry blinked at him. “Pixie Dust? You ever used that stuff?”
            The kid shook his head. “But my friends say it's awesome!”
            “Yeah,” Harry agreed drily. “And awesome-damned expensive. You know what that bag's worth, kid? Zip. Zero. Nada.”
            “It's a Magic bag.”
            The pawn shop owner grinned. “Yeah, right.” He gave the bag another look: nine, ten inches long, a little wider than his hand, made of some kind of velvety-looking material – dark blue. Tied with a silvery-blue cord. Pretty thing – yeah; he'd go with that.
            But ... magic?
            “I'll show you.” The kid snatched the bag off the counter, shoved his hand inside.
            And kept shoving: into the bag past his wrist ... his elbow ... up his arm nearly to his skinny shoulder.
            He extracted his hand, dropped the bag on the counter. Dropped another object on the counter beside it: a coin. About the size of a nickel. Harry blinked at the kid, picked up the coin. It didn't look like any coin he'd ever seen – somebody's face on one side, odd markings on both sides. The metal the coin was made of ... Harry gave it the bite test.
            Some part of him had already known it would be. He gave the kid another look – hard, eyes narrow. He held the coin between thumb and forefinger. “Where the hell did you get this?”
            The kid flicked a hand at the bag. “See for yourself.”
            “Stick my hand in there.” Harry stared at him.
            The kid made a face, and stuck his own hand in again. When the hand emerged, it overflowed with coins. Gold coins. Just like the one he'd pulled out the first time.
            The world did a sideways slip under Harry's feet. Old memories stirring ... He pushed them down. Picked up the bag, shook it. Nothing. Turned it upside down. Nothing. How the hell ... He glowered at the kid; if this was some kind of trick ... This was January, either way too hell early or way too late for Halloween, and Harry took a dim view of pranksters. He thrust his hand into the bag.
            He couldn't feel the bottom. Nothing. Empty space. He jerked his hand out again.
            The kid gave him a nervous grin. “Yeah, I did that too,” he said. “The first time.”
            First time? How many times had the kid dipped into this thing? Harry didn't ask. He took a breath and shoved his hand in again ... to the wrist ... the elbow ... up his arm. The bag just kept going.
            Then ...
            His fingers touched something. Something hard. Cold. Small, round objects … Coins. Had to be … Lots of coins. Dozens ... maybe hundreds. He could feel them under his fingertips, a pile of coins. He thrust his hand as far into the pile as he could go – and felt still more coins underneath.
            His hand came out full, dripping coins onto the counter top, a few escaping into the bag, but Harry didn't mind. He knew how to find them. He stared at the gold in his hand, the coins that'd spilled onto the counter. Gold coins. Just like the ones he'd already seen. Freakin' gold coins like some kind of pirate's treasure – all high-grade stuff, if Harry knew anything at all about his business. Which he did.

About the Author:

A native of Tyler, Texas, Pat Blair – writing as P.L. Blair – has lived in Sheridan, WY, since 1986. She has a degree in journalism, and has worked first for newspapers and, most recently, Sheridan Media, an organization of 10 radio stations and a website, since 1970. But her goal was always to write books. Her first book in her Portals series, Shadow Path,  was published in 2008. When not writing books, she continues to cover news events for Sheridan Media. She shares her home in Sheridan with two dogs and a cat – all rescues.

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It's been a blustery four days here in Vancouver, as the wet winter weather rains down on the city. A good time to stay inside and curl up with a book. Today we have author Gail Z. Martin here to tell us about her latest and answer a few questions for us. Welcome!
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

GZM: Cassidy Kincaide is a psychometric, which means she can read the history and magic of an object by touching it. She runs an antique shop in Charleston, SC which is really a cover for an alliance of mortals and immortals who work together to save the world from supernatural threats.
Cassidy has a circle of friends and allies who also have varying types of magic or paranormal abilities, and we often meet new people who become part of this ‘found family’ as the series goes on. She’s been dating Kell Winston for a while, and in this new book, they move in together, at least temporarily. Kell runs a paranormal investigation group, which is how he and Cassidy met. So fortunately, he already believes in the supernatural when he gets pulled into some of the dangerous situations that Cassidy and her friends deal with.

SC: I have tried reading objects before. I need more training. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
GZM:  I think there are things we don’t understand about the universe, or phenomena we understand incorrectly. It seems very possible to me that some energy could be left behind when people die, and that other people might be able to perceive that energy. Whether or not that is paranormal or scientific, I don’t know. But the name you put on it doesn’t make it any less real.

SC: What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
GMZ: Sellsword’s Oath is the next book in my Assassins of Landria series, which is buddy-flick epic fantasy about two snarky medieval hired killers who work for the king. It is currently in audio production, and will be coming out in ebook, paperback and audio soon.  We’re also working on the second in our Wasteland Marshals near-future post-apocalyptic series, and I plan to soon be writing CHARON, the second in the Night Vigil urban fantasy series (about an ex-priest and a former FBI agent hunting supernatural threats in Pittsburgh).

Thanks for stopping by. Let's take a look at your novel now.

Deadly Curiosities Series
Book Four
Gail Z. Martin

Genre: Urban fantasy

Publisher: SOL Publishing

Date of Publication: October 23, 2019

ISBN: 978-1939704986

Number of pages: 222
Word Count: 66000

Cover Artist: Lou Harper

Tagline: Can Cassidy and her friends find the demon box, stop the killer ghosts, and break the Pendlewood curse before Beckford’s murderous cousins and the vengeful demon destroy them all?

Book Description:

Book four in the Deadly Curiosities series.Cassidy Kincaide runs Trifles & Folly in modern-day Charleston, an antiques and curio shop with a dangerous secret. Cassidy can read the history of objects by touching them, and she teams up with friends and allies who use magic and paranormal abilities to get rid of cursed objects and keep Charleston and the world safe from supernatural threats.

Caribbean ghosts terrorize Charleston and start racking up a body count. Then Beckford Pendlewood, the heir to a powerful family of dark warlocks, shows up raving about a bound demon locked in a lost box and begs sanctuary. Can Cassidy and her friends find the demon box, stop the killer ghosts, and break the Pendlewood curse before Beckford’s murderous cousins and the vengeful demon destroy them all?

Kindle      Paperback      Kobo      Nook
Excerpt 1 from Chapter 1 484 words

“I have a problem antique I’d like you to take a look at.” The man on the other end of the call sounded rattled. I recognized his name—Alfred Stone, from Stone Auctions—but I didn’t think we had ever spoken, let alone met.
“What kind of ‘problem’ does it present?” I asked. A number of possibilities came to mind. “Questionable provenance? Not sure how to authenticate?”
“I think it’s trying to kill me.”
Well, damn. That kind of problem. “All right, Mr. Stone. Try to stay calm.”
“I just told you, it’s trying to kill me. I heard you…know…about these things. Please, help me.”
Across the store, Teag Logan glanced up to make sure everything was all right. I nodded, and he went back to helping a customer.
“I can come now. Are you at the showroom?”
“Yes. Thank you. And…please…hurry.”
I ended the call and sighed. This might be the first time Alfred Stone had an antique try to kill him, but that made it just another day here at Trifles and Folly.
I’m Cassidy Kincaide, and I own Trifles and Folly, an antique and curio shop in historic, haunted Charleston, South Carolina. The shop has been in my family for more than three hundred years. While we’re known as a great place to buy high-quality antiques, the shop is also a cover for the Alliance, a coalition of mortals and immortals who save Charleston—and the world—from supernatural threats. I’m a psychometric, which means I can read the history and magic of objects by touching them. Teag is my assistant store manager, best friend, and sometimes bodyguard—and he’s also a talented Weaver witch. Sorren, my business partner, is a nearly six-hundred-year-old vampire. Together with some other friends with very specialized abilities, we do our best to keep the world safe from dark magic and things that go bump in the night.
“Problem?” Teag asked when the customer left.
“I’m not sure,” I replied. “Alfred Stone just called—from the auction house. He says he’s got an item that’s trying to kill him.”
“You want me to go with you?” Teag pushed a lock of dark hair out of his eyes. His skater-boy haircut and skinny jeans made him look younger than his late twenties. “Maggie can handle the store.”
On cue, Maggie—our lifesaver of a part-time associate—waved to agree from the other side of the store. She was sporting a new bright pink streak in her short gray hair, and it matched her sweater, a reminder—as if I needed one—that she believed in taking risks and living large.

I reached up to slick my humidity-frizzy strawberry blond hair back into a ponytail and shook my head. “Let me go see what the problem is, and I’ll figure out what to do from there. It’s not far away, in case I need to give a shout.”

About the Author:

Gail Z. Martin writes epic fantasy, urban fantasy and steampunk for Solaris Books, Orbit Books, SOL Publishing, Darkwind Press, Worldbuilders Press and Falstaff Books. Recent books include Reckoning, Sellsword’s Oath, Inheritance, CHARON, Wasteland Marshals. As Morgan Brice, she writes urban fantasy MM paranormal romance including the Witchbane, Badlands and Treasure Trail series. Recent books include The Rising, Flame and Ash. Find her at

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Friday, November 15, 2019


Dark Tomorrow 2: Cult of the Crow
Dark Tomorrow
Book Two
Jeremiah Franklin
Genre: Science Fiction/Post-apocalyptic
Publisher: Month9Books

Date of Publication: November 12, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-948671-95-8

Number of pages: 304

Cover Artist: Danielle Doolittle

Book Description:

Kill or be killed is the new normal for Sawyer, Sara, and the survivors of the deadly virus that has all but annihilated the human race.

With the death of Sara’s father and the disappearance of the strange boy known as Mason, the teens are left reeling, but alongside the enigmatic ex-Marine, Edward, they soon forge an alliance with a collection of young survivors led by the sage and charismatic Kai.

Nevertheless, when their new companions begin to mysteriously disappear, the group is once again thrown into a desperate struggle for survival, where only the most cunning and relentless will prevail.

Ultimately, among whispers of top-secret military bunkers, lost gold, and a shadowy group known as the Cult of the Crow, Sawyer and Sara must face the grim realization that death and betrayal lurks in every corner, and when it comes to the end of the world--nothing is what it seems.

Amazon     iBooks


Sawyer leveled the shotgun at the nearest set of bushes, but just as he was about to begin the countdown, there was the faintest sound of a gun cocking, and suddenly the thick brush ahead of him erupted in a hail of gunfire. Sawyer had once heard his father say that sometimes in war all you can hope for is to “return fire and pray,” but with bullets flying only inches past his body, there was no time to talk with God. Instead, he dropped to one knee and squeezed the trigger as fast as he could, pumping three rounds of double-zero buckshot into the brush.

He heard a shriek of pain and a low groan as the last round of buckshot tore through the bushes, but there was no time to breathe easy. The boy looked back at the cliff behind him and grit his teeth. There was no question that Sawyer had been born with luck on his side, but even he knew that he could not hope to survive another volley of gunshots at such close range. He could hear movement in the brush, and with only one bad option left on the table, Sawyer emptied the last three rounds from the shotgun into the bushes, swallowed hard, and leapt off the edge of the cliff.

About the Author:

Jeremiah Franklin is a former private investigator, arm-chair survivalist, and author of the Dark Tomorrow trilogy. When he is not creating thrilling post-apocalyptic worlds, or discussing himself in the third person, the author enjoys reading, staying active, and spending time outdoors with family and friends. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Education, and several other certifications that no one really cares about. He lives, writes, and plays in beautiful central Oregon, USA.

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