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INTERVIEW with H.L. GIRTON (The Accalia)

Super special day! We have an interview with H.L. Girton:

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

HLG: Genesis is the heroine of The Accalia. She is an orphaned girl who grew up living off the grid with her Aunt, the only living relative she has ever known. It was a simple life for her and one she never complained of. As an orphan, Genesis always wondered what life would have been like with a father and mother, sibling maybe. So the Accalia starts off with this girl who is uncertain. Someone who doesn’t know who she really is or where she comes from. Everything she had ever know was secure and simple. A lot of her reality and the truth about her was fabricated into adventurous stories and myths. Things she never understood but imagined.
Throughout the story Genesis undergoes a tremendous amount of change in a short period of time. Her entire world changes. It does a completely 180 on her. She grows from this innocent, naive girl into a confident and strong woman. She has a lot of self-doubt in herself at first. There is confusion and denial in what is real and what is not. There is anger that she can’t help but give in to. She loves tremendously but she holds herself back because she doesn’t fully believe in herself until she begins to learn and accept who she really is.

SC: Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
HLG: I do believe there are things we do not fully understand in this world. Things that we could only imagine. I believe that there is more to life, the world, and universe that we may never comprehend. I am a very spiritual person and my roots are deep in my faith. I have to believe there is more to life than what we are experiencing now. That our souls are more than just our bodies. I believe in the divine experiences and the uncertain paranormal encounters.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying for certain I have had something paranormal happen to me. I wouldn’t say I have definite proof or can say for certain that I have had a paranormal experience. I can say that I have had moments that made me wonder. I have had experiences that made my faith renew or made my imagination soar. Things that sound proof and facts couldn’t explain. I believe at some point everyone experiences something they can’t explain.
SC:What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

HLG:I have a few titles that are ready for edits or are being worked on and nearing completion for publication. I can say for certain that book two of The Accalia Series, titled The Curse, will be my next release. It continues with Genesis’ story and further develops the characters along with her and destiny that she is to fulfill.
Another story that is ready for editing, and one I am anxious to get out, is a novella. It is a short story that goes along with The Accalia series, titled The Lone Wolf, which will take the readers deeper into the life of one of the characters I love. Noah. Noah is a key character in this series and one that many readers will hate. I say I love him for this reason. I have created a character with Noah that is unlike any typical hero or heroine. Noah is selfish and ambitious. He will do whatever is necessary and the consequences don’t frighten him. This story will allow readers into his mind and see Noah for who he really is and why. It is also meant to be released after book two because there are spoilers in there and preparations for book three that will come after.

I also have a standalone story that I have no yet titled in the cue line to be edited and released. This story is a heartbreaking story about loss and love. It is a whirl wind romance that is found in trying times. It is meant for the reader to relate to tragedy and find hope and strength in those you love around you. I actually wrote this book first. It was my first ever dare into this world, but I decided against releasing it first because it means a lot to me. This story is inspired from an event that happened in my life and sharing this with the world will come when the time is right.
Two other stories are in the works but not yet completed, book three to the Accalia series and another paranormal/fantasy/romance that will be a standalone.

SC: Thanks so much for taking the time to come chat with us today. Now let's take a look at your novel.

The Accalia
The Accalia Series
Book 1
H.L. Girton

Genre: YA paranormal

Date of Publication: Aug 14th

Cover Artist: SK Designs

Tagline: The truth hurts more than secrets and lies

Book Description:

After traveling the country with her aunt, Genesis Berkley finally feels like she is home. Settling in Tillamook, Oregon, she begins a new life and everything seems to be going smoothly. That is, until she runs into a mysterious young man.

The feelings that he awakens are unsettling, and soon, her simple, peaceful world shatters. Lies and secrets are revealed, and danger lurks in every corner.

Now, Genesis must discover if she is strong enough to fulfill her destiny. Will she learn to accept the truth before it is too late.

Excerpt One:

“Please! I’m not the Accalia as you all believe. I cannot be her.” I looked around at them, their eyes locked onto me as I denied their silly prophecy. “I’m not a savior. I’m not the girl they describe in here. I don’t know how to love like that. I don’t have the power or strength to stop whatever it is the Accalia’s meant to stop. I’m just me. I am just a normal girl who graduated high school a few weeks ago. I’m sorry, but I’m not who you think I am.”
I was apologetic, but firm. I couldn’t be what they wanted me to be. I just wasn’t that girl. The only love I had ever known was the love I had for Aunt Cammie, and until I met Madeline, I hadn’t loved a friend before. They expected me to be this all powerful, unconditional loving, Accalia, but I was nobody.
“You are the Accalia, Genesis, and you will come to realize the importance of it in time. You are also my daughter and both roles come with responsibilities and expectations.”

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About the Author:

Heather Girton has been a creative writer since her childhood, writing creative stories and poems for the love of imagination and literacy. It started out as an outlet for personal struggles and a way to cope with them through fictional fantasy and turned into a passion and need to share her aspirations with the world. It wasn’t until 2013 that she decided to share her talent through fictional novels due to the encouragement from her family and friends.

Since graduating high school in 2006, Heather has spent the last eleven years being a dedicated mother and military spouse. In that time she nurtured a family of four children all while traveling the country following her husband’s career. She spent the last five years working towards her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology. She has done volunteer work with grief support organizations gaining experience with her field of study.

Currently Heather lives in Texas with her husband, children, support dog, and lazy cat. She is an avid reader and loves it as much as she adores writing. She spends her free time sharing her devotion for it with her children. When she isn’t reading, writing or focusing on her family, Heather has a personal admiration for photography.

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Hello and welcome to Monday. I have drawn three cards from my deck to inspire all of us in this group for the week ahead.
The meanings are open for interpretations beyond my own, so please feel free to comment as your week unfolds.

We have two major arcana cards bringing us a message this week both at the beginning and the end of our seven-day path.
The week begins with the no. 11 Strength card showing from Archangel Ariel. "Strength and grace through kindness, self-confidence, and forgiveness." Perhaps we need to do a little inner soul searching early on. It's okay to show a little weakness, as Ariel is portrayed as leaning up against a higher being. There is an aura about her that shows enlightenment. Someone wise will offer you support, and it will come in an unexpected form.

Mid-week the Six of Raphael comes in to play. Notice I said "in to", not "into". Raphael wants us to embrace our inner child. New friends or rekindled relationships. Children or childhood figure prominently. Remember your dreams, hopes, and desires of your youth. Some of them are staring you in the face, begging you to come back. Do something silly. Laugh at a fart. Don't take the middle of the week too seriously. Cherish your relationships. Remember more innocent times.
This week goes into passing with no. 10 The Wheel with Archangel Jeremiel entering our world. New beginnings. End of delays. A change in direction that offers happiness.  The wheel is turning, offering us the power to try something new. Maybe you head advice from the inner child that approached you earlier. Jeremiel is an angel of guidance, so welcome this change.

Have a great week everyone!





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INTERVIEW with LANI SAREM (Handbook for Mortals)

Get ready for an exclusive interview with Lani Sarem, author of Handbook for Mortals!
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
LS: Zade is a young woman starting out her next chapter of her life. She’s still more of a girl I think mentally in a lot of ways but she also knows what she wants. She’s strong willed and fiery and loving and passionate.  She wants to find her path and find her people you know. No one fits in everywhere and I find that people start to be really unhappy when they try. There are people that are “your people” people who will get you and love you for who you are. Then there are people who will never see what’s wonderful about you. These are not your people. RUN from these people as fast as you can.
SC: Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
LS: I believe in magick. I’ve seen too many impossible things happen.
SC:  What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
LS: I’m working on the next book in this series and it’s going to be really fun. We get to dive deeper into things. More magick, more adventure, more danger, more secrets, more of the love triangle.
SC:  Thanks for stopping by today to share some conversation with us. Drop by anytime. Let's take a look at your work now.

Handbook for Mortals
Lani Sarem

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: GeekNation Press

Date of Publication: Aug 15, 2017

ISBN: 9781545612392

Number of pages: 448
Word Count: approx. 107,000

Cover Artist: Ryan Kincaid

Tagline: A young woman goes to Las Vegas to join a magic show only to learn that falling in love is more dangerous than magic.

Book Description:

Zade Holder has always been a free-spirited young woman, from a long dynasty of tarot-card readers, fortunetellers, and practitioners of magick. Growing up in a small town and never quite fitting in, Zade is determined to forge her own path. She leaves her home in Tennessee to break free from her overprotective mother Dela, the local resident spellcaster and fortuneteller.

Zade travels to Las Vegas and uses supernatural powers to become part of a premiere magic show led by the infamous magician Charles Spellman. Zade fits right in with his troupe of artists and misfits. After all, when everyone is slightly eccentric, appearing ''normal'' is much less important.

Behind the scenes of this multimillion-dollar production, Zade finds herself caught in a love triangle with Mac, the show's good-looking but rough-around-the-edges technical director and Jackson, the tall, dark, handsome and charming bandleader.
Zade's secrets and the struggle to choose between Mac or Jackson creates reckless tension during the grand finale of the show. Using Chaos magick, which is known for being unpredictable, she tests her abilities as a spellcaster farther than she's ever tried and finds herselfat death's door. Her fate is left in the hands of a mortal who does not believe in a world of real magick, a fortuneteller who knew one day Zade would put herself in danger and a dagger with mystical powers...

Handbook for Mortals is the first book in the series of this urban fantasy, paranormal romance series by author Lani Sarem.

Following Zade through the trials--and romance--of finding her own place in the world, readers will identify with their own struggles to fit in, reflected in the fantastic, yet mundane world of Zade's life.

Handbook for Mortals is in development as a motion picture set to debut in 2018.

Handbook Series     Amazon

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“Hopefully I wasn’t interrupting something important,” Mac said, with no attempt at feigning actual sincerity. I could tell he didn’t care that he had interrupted, or that he had been rude.
“Just kindness.” I responded. I don’t think he expected my answer to be truthful, and he looked taken aback. He had probably expected me to say “Oh, no worries! Nothing important.” He made no comment, but backed off a little. When he continued talking, he had a bit less snap in his voice.
“I’d like to schedule a crew call for you once your contract has been signed. You, me, and all of our techs, so we can go over your trick and map out how it will be safely implemented into the show.” He knew that calling what I had done a “trick” instead of an illusion I would take as a slight. It’s sort of like telling someone who had just won an Olympic gold medal and was proudly wearing it around their neck, that their necklace was cute. Mac kept incessantly tapping his Sharpie on the side of his clipboard and shifting his weight between his feet.
I stood up slowly and calculated, looking him square in the eye, which probably surprised him a bit, since he was at least six feet tall. I’ve always enjoyed the luxury of being a tall girl. I’m five foot nine inches and so while I don’t usually tower above any guys I know, I can definitely look them directly in the eye. Most girls who at five feet five inches (which, I believe, is an average height for a woman) have to look up. My height was an advantage that I never took for granted and here, again, I was happy that I didn’t have to look up to him—figuratively or literally. In heels I could even be as tall or taller than him and I’ve always loved that part about being the height I am. I half smiled and slowly spoke, “Maybe you misunderstood. I don’t show anyone how it’s done. That wasn’t just for the audition. I handle this illusion on my own.”
Mac held still for a moment, and then glanced up from his clipboard, looking irritated. He pursed his lips and flared his nostrils. The tapping stopped. He dropped the clipboard from his stomach and held it in his hand while pointing his finger directly in my face. “Listen, lady, I don’t know who else you worked for, but we don’t do that Lone Ranger stuff around here. I’m the technical director and in charge of everyone’s safety, no matter how stupid you want to be. You do what I say, and I keep your pretty self from getting hurt. Got it?” I’m fairly certain he growled at me as he spoke.
Myriad thoughts ran through my head and I’m pretty sure several seconds passed in silence as we stared each other down. I could feel my hands tightening into fists. I really did want to punch him. I could see it happening. I’m not strong by any means but I’m also not a wimp. I wouldn’t have broken anything, but he would have been bruised and sore. I quickly ran through the possible outcomes of punching the technical director on my first day of work. It didn’t really seem to be the best idea.
I leaned into him so closely that it might have looked like to an outsider that I was about to kiss him. I huffed a little and my words were slow and deliberate. “I understand this is your job and all, but I don’t think you’re listening to me,” I hissed. I tapped his chest with my finger and he jolted a bit at my touch. He looked at me like I was speaking some kind of foreign language.
“I’m not listening? Lady, you need your ears cleaned,” he snarled back. He turned around to walk away, as if that was the end of our conversation. If he was trying to piss me off more, it was working.
I grabbed him by the shoulder, stopping him in his tracks and swinging him around to face me. My face had flushed and I’d raised my voice to a full yell. “And you need to get some manners. I’m not showing you how it’s done, okay? If we have a problem I can go to another show where the technical director doesn’t have a God complex. I’m not a girl who needs a knight in shining armor.” I was practically snarling at him.
Mac gritted his teeth and looked like he might hit me, but I knew that wasn’t really an option for him. Guys like him didn’t hit women, no matter how mad we made them. He laughed loudly. “Ha! Good luck finding a Technical Director who will treat you like the princess you clearly think you are. If I found you locked in a tower, I promise I’d leave you there.” Mac whipped around again and this time saw Riley, who had been standing just a few feet away from us the whole time. Riley was pretending not to be paying too much attention, but you could tell that was all he had been doing. I couldn’t blame him. Mac glowered at Riley and barked, “Where’s C.S.? Riley, go find Charles. Now!”
“On the move,” Riley replied with a nervous, almost panicked look on his face as he ran off to the side and disappeared.

About the Author

Lani Sarem always wanted to work in the entertainment industry. She began acting at age 3 and continued to act and perform through her early years. Lani started writing scripts when she was 11 and over the years has done everything from writing, acting, band managing and helping start and work festivals. She's managed bands like the Plain White T's and Blues Traveler and toured with everyone from Ryan Adams to Gnarls Barkley. Lani has appeared in films like Mall Cop 2 and Jason Bourne. Make sure to catch her in her latest film Trailer Park Shark on the Syfy channel this July as Roxy.


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Hello and welcome to Monday, fray. I have drawn three cards from my deck to inspire all of us in this group for the week ahead. The meanings are open for interpretations beyond my own, so please feel free to comment as your week unfolds.
There are no major arcana cards in our forecast, so expect minor distractions over the next seven days.
We start this week off with a solar eclipse. Expect energy to be a little funky. Our first card up this week is the Queen of Gabriel. She's passionate, charming brilliant, independent, and so are you, even if it means stepping outside your shell. There's something you want and right now you have the ability to attract others to help you get it.

Not unexpectedly, the Queen is joined by the Knight midweek for a little assistance herself. This is a good time for charitable causes. Maybe it is time to help a friend on Go-Fund-Me, or take part in a charity baseball game? It's time for you to take charge.

By the end of the week Gabriel gives away to the Six of Ariel. Your material needs will be met in unexpected ways, due in part to the acts of kindness we talked about earlier. It may be better to give than to receive but sometimes it's nice to be paid forward.
Interesting how the cards relate to each other. Have a wonderful week!

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For the month of August Fire Quill Publishing is launching their campaign for upcoming novel Just off the Path, written by Weston Sullivan. 

This fairy-tale retelling of the classic Grimm brother’s tale: Hansel and Gretel, will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s dark, it’s twisted and it’s all the famous fairy characters sketched in a way that you wouldn’t see coming.

Fire Quill Publishing have taken this one a step further. It’s a deal of a lifetime and one that you surely shouldn’t miss.

They are running a giveaway for more shares. 

So all these pictures you can share via your social media and you might stand a chance to win an iPad. It’s not the first time they are doing this. They have recently give an ipad away with one of their other facebook release day parties and is doing it with future facebook parties too. So, if you like to win something other than books or giveaway cards, go have a look what they are doing and become part of their campaigns. 


Share the top picture of winning a brand new ipad with your friends and family on all the social media outlets. 

Follow the instruction below in gaining your extra entry but you need to go and post the screenshot in the Authors street group at gain extra entries. 

There will be a post up just for that. Post your screenshot of the social media share in the comments for extra entries.

Giveaway will be chosen in the event that will happen September 5th and 6th on facebook. So go and join in on all the fun.

Just off the Path
Weston Sullivan

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Fire Quill Publishing

Cover Artist: Joemel Requeza and Sandra Valente

Release Date: September 5, 2017

ISBN: 9781546869832


Hansel never asked to be a hero. He never wanted to fall in love with Rapunzel, Queen of the East. He didn’t ask to be raised by Gothel the Wretch, and he certainly never wanted to be credited for her arrest. But more than any of that, Hansel never wanted to lie: but he did. He lied about everything. He thought that he was done with it all when he and his sister Gretel retreated into the woods to reclaim their land, but he should have known better. 

Hansel needs to find a way to fix this, otherwise he will be responsible for Grimm’s destruction, or that is what he thinks. As Hansel isn’t the only liar in Grimm.

Amazon       Amazon UK     Amazon DE    Amazon CA     Amazon AU     


After graduating with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida in 2017, Weston Sullivan moved to New York City to live and write in the heart of the industry. In late 2016, he began working as an intern in the submissions department of BookFish Books. His short story, "On the Hillside", won the Anspaugh Award for Fiction in February of 2017, and his novel, JUST OFF THE PATH, is due for release in early September. 

He likes to believe that he is in charge of his own destiny, but at the end of the day, he knows that he was born to serve his two beloved cats.


STEP 1: Like our Facebook page FIRE QUILL PUBLISHING

STEP 2: Go to the pin post Just off the Path Pre Order special and share that picture. Then take a screenshot and post it in the comment section of the pin post.

STEP 3: Join the event that is taking place on the 5 of September for the release of JUST OFF THE PATH, where we will announce the winner of the ipad. 


STEP 1: Join the author’s group that is mentioned above.  There will be a post you can add all your screenshots where you shared. The more you share it with family and friends on social media the more your name will go into the hat.

We will run this till the end of the release day party on facebook. We will draw the winner of the ipad on there. There are amazing prices up for grabs, including a gift card of 300 dollars to the person sharing the event the most. You do not want to miss this one.

If anything is unclear or you have questions please do not hesitate to contact firequill publishing via facebook or through their email at


Hey there! We've got a special treat for your today. An interview with author Deborah Camp!
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
DC: Trudy Tucker is a psychic. She is a rare psychic who can see through a killer’s eyes. She is like a receptacle. When she starts thinking about a case, her mind becomes a beacon for that killer and his mind merges with hers when he is thinking about murder or actually committing a murder. She sees what he sees, hears what he hears, feels what he feels, etc. It’s a gift, but a terrifying one. She’s wrestled with it, been afraid of it, and suffered because of it her whole life. However, now she’s learning how to control her gift instead of it controlling her. She’s also discovering other ESP things she can do.
She is in love with and engaged to psychic Levi Wolfe and he’s a handful and a heartful. Working with him on murder cases is thrilling and gratifying. He’s pressuring her to set a wedding date and she’s dragging her feet.
SC: .Psychic's in love. Sounds like a song there. Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
DC: Yes, I do. I know a psychic and he made me a believer. I’ve met other psychics through my research who are the real McCoy. However, I’ve met a lot of fake ones, too. My friend can’t play card games because he can “read” your mind and knows what cards are in your hand and which ones you need. When I think hard about him, he will usually call me because he can “feel” me. He’s really remarkable, but he doesn’t tell people about his gifts. Like Trudy, he tends to shy away from them.
I have also experienced ghostly events. I’m sure I felt a ghost once in Eureka Springs, AR at the Crescent Hotel.
SC: What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
DC: I’m working on a western historical romance set in Arkansas. It’s about a mail order bride and the beginnings of vineyards in Arkansas. It should come out in December.
After that, I’m writing #5 and #6 of the Mind’s Eye series, finishing it up. But I plan to introduce a new medium in the sixth book and do a spinoff series featuring him.
SC: Thanks for stopping by. We'd better let you get back to it. Let's take a look at your novel now.

Through Her Eyes
The Mind’s Eye Series
Book Four
Deborah Camp

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: July 24, 2017


Number of pages: 415
Word Count: 92418

Cover Artist: Patricia Schmitt

Tagline: She can see evil and evil can see her

Book Description:

Psychic detectives Levi Wolfe and Trudy Tucker comb the streets of New Orleans in search of a serial killer who has claimed 19 lives and counting.

The suspect was in an accident almost two years ago that left him paralyzed in a wheel chair, but the murders continue. Is he faking it or has he enlisted a protégé to continue his reign of terror?

As Levi and Trudy draw closer to the truth, Trudy discovers new and unsettling psychic abilities in herself.


“So, tell me about your experience,” Trudy said, sitting next to Levi.
“It was strange. Very strange. I was contacted – during a business meeting, mind you – by the dead son of the new contractor I was speaking with in my office. This kid – a salvage yard murder victim – popped into my head and started yelling at me. I tried to shut him out, but I couldn’t. I had to actually stop the damned meeting and tell the man that his deceased son was demanding an audience. Gonzo thought I’d lost my noodle.”
“Good Lord!” She covered her parted lips with her hand. “I’d say that was a heck of a coincidence, but . . .it seems to be so much more than that.”
“Yeah, right.” He sat back and drummed his fingers on the table for a few seconds. “Anyway, the kid – Clayton Nelson – was hitchhiking in New Orleans when a guy in a pickup stopped for him. He couldn’t see much of the man’s face because he wore a ball cap and sunglasses. He had a mustache that looked fake to me. He used the ploy of something being wrong with his truck to get the kid to look under the hood and then he knocked him out with a blow to the head. Clay came to in a basement, his wrists and ankles bound with plastic ties and chains.” He shuttered his gaze from her. “That’s where he was murdered.” A few seconds ticked by before his lashes lifted to reveal his dark blue eyes that never missed much. “You’ve been in contact with the murderer already, haven’t you?”
Her heart jolted. He was uncanny. “I was in contact with someone who’s warped. I don’t know if it was the salvage yard killer.”
“Was he murdering someone?”
“Something. A cat.”
Levi’s upper lip lifted in disgust. “Jesus.”
“Yeah. He was practicing, I think.” She shuddered and blocked out the memory.
“The kid in my head showed me a compass and pointed to the N on it.”
She gasped at the reference. “Your true north?”
“Bingo. His way of telling me that you were already part of this.”
She reached for her glass of juice. They must be destined to examine this case. How else could she explain what happened to Levi and what she’d already experienced?

About the Author:

Deborah Camp is the author of more than 50 romances, both contemporary and historical. She received the first Janet Dailey Award (given to a romance novel that best addressed a social problem). "My Wild Rose" dealt with battered women and children.

A bestselling author, Deborah's books have been praised by reviewers, bloggers, and readers who love complex characters and clever plotting. She always mixes in a bit of humor, even in her romantic suspense novels.
Communicating with readers and other writers is something she enjoys, so don't be shy about visiting her online. If you post a review of her books, you'll probably receive a personal "thanks" even if the review isn't entirely favorable!

Deborah lives in Tulsa, OK where she is continually inspired by real cowboys, real Indians, and real heroes and heroines.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Hello and welcome to Monday, fray. I have drawn three cards from my deck to inspire all of us in this group for the week ahead. The meanings are open for interpretations beyond my own, so please feel free to comment as your week unfolds.

There are no major arcana cards in our forecast, so expect minor distractions over the next seven days.
Huh…interesting. Raphael is still watching over us.  "There is something better waiting for you! Do what you know is right for you. A spiritual quest." This card jumped from the deck, shouting at us to put whatever is troubling us, behind us. That bridge we encountered late last week seems to be giving us a little trepidation. We still haven't crossed it. Perhaps patience is what we're being tested with. Look inside yourself for that answer, but definitely move forward. It seems to be saying "do I have to smack you across the head?"

Mid-week, Raphael shows us "two hearts dedicated to creating something wonderful. Kindred spirits. Don't give up on those you love." This is a healing time between you and someone you share a bond with. Disagreements will come to a positive outcome. Sometimes it is hard to listen to another's perspective, but this is a time for communication. It might be as simple as baking cupcakes with your kid(s). Throw a little flour around and see where it lands.
Michael rides in towards the end of the week. Looks like we're on a mission. We're strong, committed, intellectual and diligent. "Time to move quickly! Choose logic over emotion. Sudden changes." Someone needs some help and you're just the one to aid them. Although this might mean physical assistance, it's more likely you're there to guide someone with your knowledge. Be optimistic. Michael's sword is not drawn. He's looking at the world through rose coloured glasses and you should too.

Have a wonderful week!