Thursday, September 29, 2016

APOLOGIES, Marshall. The Medium HAS the Message.

Okay, continuing on from yesterday's "MEDIUM" posting.

Sigh. Theresa Caputo. Why do you bring out the whacko-s?

Anyway, a few of the readers pointed to this guy, and I didn't even know about this guy, but apparently you do. His name is Matt Fraser and he managed to gob-snack a couple of news anchors on this show.

There was a celebrity interviewer decades back, who would gob-smack his interviewee's because he did tons of research before they came on the show. He'd have his people call the guest's mother, that sort of thing. So I'm not saying it doesn't happen in the medium business. I'm also not saying that it does. See that, I'm deflecting.

I know I used to like Sylvia Browne until I read a couple of her books. It was the one about death. And the doors. Symbolism or The Price Is Right? I'm still not quite sure.

Who's your fave medium and why?

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