Sunday, September 4, 2016


Yeah, I know what you're's way too early to be thinking about Halloween. The kids aren't even back in school yet.

But I was at Dollarama yesterday and the summer stuff was coming off the shelves (alas) and the Halloween stuff was going on. (YAY!)

Now I can't take credit for this, because this recipe comes from COOKING WITH SUGAR, and I'll going to give you the link to it below. But let me tell you this...this will become your go-to holiday cake. Switch the colours for any occasion. They'll ooh and ah as the colours magically swirl themselves. And you will laugh your ass off as they beg you for the recipe, because it was made with CAKE MIXES. Yes! CAKE MIXES. (And some food colouring). Is it easy? Are you kidding? I made it!

I know, right? I made it in 2013 and 2014 and get the idea. It might make your kitchen messy, but it will not drive you insane to bake. I recommend gel food coloring for the best results.
Anyway, credit where credit is due. Here's Sugar giving you the low-down on her creation:
or you can get it here: SUGAR'S AMAZING HALLOWEEN CAKE
You're welcome already! 

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