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It's been a very relaxing weekend here at Supernatural Central, but as we head into the week things are gearing up for an exciting (yet unusual) fall. Today we're lucky to have author Niki Livingston in the house. Welcome, Niki!

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

NL: There are three main characters – Zoe Dawn, Kia Lynn, and Alex

Zoe Dawn is a headstrong, adventurous, sharp-tongued young woman who has reached the age when she can be mated. However, she has no interest in a partner. Her heart is set on exploration and freedom, but the village leaders do not want her asking questions or digging too far into the past. Her elemental gift could disrupt the plans of those who have ill-intentions for the world.

Kia Lynn is Zoe Dawn’s best friend and has spent many seasons following her into the unknown, only to be punished for breaking the village rule. Her anxiety keeps her more in line with the leaders’ bidding and she yearns for the safety of a family and partnership. However, her whirlwind tendencies are surfacing and creating a bond she did not know existed.

Alex is a blue-eyed half-human, half-anaman, who was forced from the only life she knew in 2025 and dragged through time and alternate universes to collide with Kia Lynn and Zoe Dawn in 4034. Her overly tall stature and the blueish-silver swirls that run through her skin are not welcomed by the native girls, but Earth’s survival depends on her flood of abilities and their final unification.

SC:  Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

NL: I do believe in the paranormal.

SC: Great! Then you're in the right place.

NL: When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I was energetically attacked by a dark entity.

SC: Tell us more.

NL: I was twenty-one and unmarried, but living in a home that was filled with good energy. It was the first time I had experienced anything dark in my space and I will never forget it.

There were two instances.

The first time, my best friend was with me and witnessed the entire encounter. We both saw the shadowed figure move from the outside and then through the closed door, but she did not have the intensely black energy thrown at her. That only happened to me and instinctively, I knew it was after my baby.

The second time I was alone in the basement of my friend’s house. The dark entity menacingly surrounded me and for a brief moment I could not see anything by blackness. It took me several seconds to tear myself away from it and escape upstairs. My friend’s father gave me a blessing and the dark entity has never returned.

Although I am not religious, because of that experience, I 100% believe in the power of blessings/clearings/cleansings/whatever-you-want-to-call-them. Through my own connection my source, I have kept myself and my daughter protected for twenty-one years.

SC: Good to know. Sage away. What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

NL: I am finishing the edits of the second book in the Chaos Awakened Saga, Expanded Chaos. It will launch on November 10th, followed by the final book in February 2021.

Expanded Chaos blurb

Earth's transformation swept like wildfire across the globe, but now threats of extinction hover in the heavens as well as on sturdy ground.

Whispers of her mother returning consume Kia Lynn’s every thought, but she quickly realizes the intentions of her mother might not have always been pure. An unbroken bond between them lingers, convincing her she can still save the woman she loves most in the world.

Zoe Dawn's confidence has soared because of her elemental connection to Mother Gaia. Revealing her true nature is now more important than ever, but a secret exchange between the Doyen and a stranger could dim her fire and have her questioning her place among her people.

Alex's hidden past is being unraveled through spiteful actions of her aunt, who also threatens Alex's very existence. An uncle who risked his life to protect her and the time machine that gave her a new beginning, have been ripped away to ensure her past escape will become her eternal grave. 

The three elementals believed their obligation was fulfilled, but as the world awakens, new foes and challenges arise intent on destroying all they have created.

SC: Thanks for sharing your stories with us. We'll let you go, but the rest of us will take a look at the story below.

Marked Chaos
Chaos Awakened Saga
Book One
Niki Livingston

Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Date of Publication: 8/11/20
ISBN: 978-1-952537-03-5
Number of pages: 366
Word Count: 72238
Cover Artist: Niki Ellis Designs

Tagline: Earth’s next level transformation requires their united energy

Book Description:

Three unlikely guardians have been chosen to breathe life back into Earth, but the prophecy is not welcomed by all the planet's inhabitants. 

Zoe Dawn’s headstrong tendencies has brought the wrath of the Doyen upon her. But another tribe has their eyes on her ignited fire and will stop at nothing to claim Zoe Dawn as their own. 

Alex has traveled a long way to find a safe place to survive, but her first mistake was returning to her hometown. Thousands of years and an entirely different dimension will not stop her enemies from pursuing her flood of abilities.  

Kia Lynn has been marked by the rune of protection, fracturing her elemental connection with the two other guardians. As her best friend is dragged away by a masked intruder, the rune activates and she is forced into a whirlwind of chaos that is filled with ghosts from her past.

Once these three are united, an unstoppable force could be invoked, but if they remain separated without completing their destinies, the portal for Earth's demise will open instead. 

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Bewitching Tour Excerpt


Papa and I lived on the edge of our village. He had moved us there after we lost Mama, for the peace and quiet. Rarely did someone intrude on our space, even after all these years. It was lonely at times, but I preferred it over Zoe Dawn’s noisy residence.
I glanced down the dirt path toward the other homes, noticing the structures through the branches of the trees and grateful I did not have to walk by anyone while I waited for my nerves to relax fully. I gritted my teeth as the buckets dug into my arm, reminding me to hurry.
The bend in the path came quickly, and I jogged up the slight incline that lead to the well. Zoe Dawn’s mum had told us that at one time, Mother Gaia’s people had water flowing right into their homes. What a bunch of lazy bones. I laughed at the idea of never having to make this trek again as I skipped right up to the edge of the stone well.
After dropping the two buckets next to the well, I turned the wheel that drew up the bucket of water. I whistled the song Mama used to sing to me, a funny tune that had been passed down from before the stars’ collision with Mother Gaia. She’d told me tales of a mystical and happy land, ruled by a talking mouse and all kinds of strange animals, creatures, and pirates, and she had promised that someday we would make the journey to find out if it still existed. What a foolish dream that had been.
I lugged the bucket from the well. My fingers stretched to grasp one of my metal pails, but a twig snapped behind me, sending my heartbeat into a frenzy. I froze, then snapped my hand back, dropping the water at my side as I spun around.
A hand pressed hard against my mouth, and I gasped when I was yanked backward into the canopy of the tree branches. The darkness within the thick of the foliage made it difficult for me to see which direction we were going.
I threw my elbow back, then my other, hitting both sides of my attacker. Their grip only tightened. My shrieks were muffled by a large hand, and dread wormed through my stomach when I realized this might be my end.
A surge of energy rushed through my veins. I kicked out, then dug my heels into the dirt, frantically trying to find some footing so I could flip to one side and twist out of their grasp. But they were moving too quickly, and my feet slipped out from underneath me. I opened my mouth to bite them, but they just pressed harder against my mouth. Blood pooled inside my cheeks from my teeth cutting into my lips.
Angry tears spilled down my face and I threw my elbows back again, one after another, begging to the Goddess that they would loosen their grip. All I needed was a split second. After several attempts to free myself, their arm snaked around my neck, squeezing my throat. Then the vice grip loosened and he cursed quietly, before flinging me to the ground.
The back of my head bounced against the dirt, and I squeaked out a scream, but his hand once again covered my mouth. He held me down with the weight of his body, and I stared into his gray eyes peering at me through the slits of his satchel mask. His chest rose and fell as he sucked in several deep breaths, then he drew a dagger from behind his back.
Another of my screams pressed against his hand, and I flailed my arms around, beating against his arms until he used his knees to hold them down. A gush of wind pushed him to the side, so he reached up with his other hand to hold his satchel in place.

“Listen,” he hissed at me, his accent unfamiliar to these parts of the black mountain lands. He leaned closer to my reddened face and pressed the tip of the knife to my throat. “I’m not here to kill you, but I will cut out your tongue if you do not shut your mouth.”

About the Author:

International Bestselling Author Niki Livingston writes tales of epic and dystopian fantasy worlds filled with magic, mysticism, and mystery.

When she's not busy writing enchanting stories of diverse women rising in their power and strength, she spends her time walking her rescue puppy, quieting her mind with meditation and yoga, diving into the newest books of Veronica Roth and Anne Bishop, and binge-watching Game of Thrones and The 100.

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