Friday, January 26, 2018


I bet this happened to you.

You have a favourite series you couldn't seem to catch every week, and didn't get around to recording, and then Santa started to get you the series on DVD and then along came Netflx...


Supernatural is one of those series for me.

Full disclosure, I live in Vancouver, BC where it (and a lot of supernatural series) are filmed, so I'm kind of partial from the get go.

But the series that Eric Kripke (why is The Big Bang Theory character suddenly in my head?) is endearing for more reasons than that.  Now in it's 13'th season, the trials and tribulations of brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padelecki) still don't show any signs of fading unless the actors just want to move on. And let me tell you, the brothers have been pushed, punched and generally beaten up by every demon and freak out there.

The writing for most of the seasons has been pretty steady. I wasn't a huge fan of the Leviathan year however. Thankfully there are throw-away shows, the shows that don't follow any plot-line per se, from time to time that are a lot of fun.. Like what I refer to as the "Dean's a Dog" episode.

The relationship banter between the two brothers is always engaging, if not always happy. Huh, true dat. And there have been many fun characters introduced along the way. Take Crowley, for instance. I get the sense he had an initial short run planned for him, but  Mark A. Sheppard plays his so well that how can you let a gem like that go?

 And Rowena? Ruth Connell is killer in the role.

Then there's Angel nerd turned bad-ass Castiel played so wonderfully by Misha Collins. No shortage of great performances in this series.

 So if for some reason you haven't watched the series, or maybe just need a Supernatural refresher, catch it on Netflix.

Have a great day!

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