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Listen, I need to apologise to DK Davis as she was scheduled to chat with us Jan 18th but I took a nasty fall and wound up at the hospital getting x-rays. Nothing broken, but I'm on crutches and things ground to a hault. So, here we go...
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character in this book.
DK – I’ll let Bri tell you – here’s Bri Lancaster of Secret: At HL Woods – Hello everyone! I’m Bri, seventeen-years-old, and just finished my junior year in a new high school. I should be used to a new school because my family moves around a lot, but this move took me away from my best friend, Luke. Plus, we moved in March, so I didn’t really have much time to make friends before summer break…if I had wanted to.
Anyhoo, my dad got mom and me all settled into an amazing house on a lake – great neighborhood as far as that goes (even though I’m not really the type that really cares who our neighbors are). Then, dad left us…so, Mom, had Gramps move in.
The ongoing arguments and Mom’s emotional roller coaster ride died down somewhat – but I still didn’t like spending time with her.
Gramps was another matter, worth coming home and learning about Gram and her ability to see ghosts. No one, other than an aunt and Gramps, knew about my communications with the spirit world. I’d learned at a young age to keep it to myself or I would be medicated like a crazy (thank goodness Mom wasn’t an advocate of medications).
It’s tough not talking to a spirit when they know I can see them – let’s just say moving around so much saved me from most of the embarrassing situations that branded me as a “crazy” or “weirdo.”
I’ve managed to keep mostly to myself, until Luke, my best friend, who also had his own branding situation going on within his family.
Hope you decide to read my story and learn how the 1960’s murdered couple, Martin and Gloria, find their justice…and how I discover there’s more to living…much more. Nice to meet you all; )
SC: Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
DK – I love this question and have actually shared it with you previously. When I was young, I had a few times when I woke out of a dead sleep to see an old woman standing beside my bed. Each time she’s reaching for me. I was so terrified, I closed my eyes and screamed my head off. If I would have been a little more evolved, I could have spoken to her.  Like I mentioned, she came back to me a number of times…and I’m sure it was to give me some sort of message (at least that’s what I choose to think😉.
I think she might have been my grandmother who passed away when I was only a toddler. She has never come back to me since my youthful interventions with her. I do sense energy (positive or negative), and I also feel empathy, deeply, for those around me, which tend to create issues for me at times.
So, in answer, do I believe in the paranormal – I give you a resonating YES!!
SC: You can share that story with us as many times as you would like. Speaking of stories, what titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
DK – I have a few books I’m working on to submit this year for release.
Jake & Sam ~ Twisted Tales of Freakish Fun – an anthology for mid-grade that I’m co-writing with S. Willett (author of the Country and the Rock mid-grade trilogy). Release scheduled for late spring / early summer 2018. The book is about two friends, Jake and Sam, and the crazy, fun adventures they each have and share. Once in a while, their adventures come together. And they wreak of paranormal, supernatural, sci-fi, and maybe even fantasy – but always freakish fun.
Secret: of Amber Eyes – Another book in the Secret Series to release sometime in December 2018. Morgan Redding graduates high school then gets sent to her aunt’s wildlife refuge in northern Michigan (her mother wants time alone with the new husband). Morgan discovers a species of beings beyond comprehension until she becomes one…
Malevolent, A Kendra Spark Novel – the second book in the Kendra Spark series, written as S. Peters-Davis and due to release in the fall of 2018. Another supernatural, paranormal suspense-thriller romance – Kendra, Jenna, and Derek have their work cut out in finding the head of a human trafficking ring kidnapping teenage girls.
SC: Well, once again it was a pleasure to have you stop by. We mean it when we say stop by anytime. Let's take a look at your book now.


Secret: At HL Woods
The Secret Series
Book 2
DK Davis

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Publisher: BWL Publishing, Inc.

Date of Publication: December 15, 2017 

ISBN: 978-1-77362-990-2
ISBN: 978-1-77362-989-6
ISBN: 978-1-77362-988-9 print

Number of pages: print book - 199
Word Count: 60,200 words

Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

Tagline: A high school ghost-seer, an all-star jock, and a bully, cross paths, sparks spew, and lives change…

Series Tagline: A series of secrets, invisible yet glaring, and most include a supernatural spin, like an unwelcomed sensation sparking every nerve ending.

Book Description:

Bri, a seventeen-year-old ghost-seer, keeps her ability under wraps at the new school until a murdered couple from the 60’s asks for help.

Kyle, a high school jock, realizes the new girl lives next door; she’s crazy cute, goth-odd, and too convenient to ignore.

Max, Kyle’s best friend, only sees Bri as a wicked threat.

Luke, Bri’s gay best friend, moves in for the summer, escaping his abusive father.
Paths cross, sparks spew…will anyone remain the same after?

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3rd Excerpt – Ghosts interrupt an accidental meeting between Bri and Kyle – 471 w/c (from unedited ARC copy)
“Is this a good time?” Kyle leaned against the corner of the garage.
“Why? Is it your turn to take the picture and share it with the world? You and Max got a dare going on? Or is your shadow hiding around the corner?” I didn’t trust Max but thought Kyle was different, in a good way, but his defending Max threw me. Perhaps it was all about standing up for their bro-ship. I would do the same for Luke. Living as a gay boy in a straight family that defied it was harsh, and kids at school were sometimes rough about it also. Luke had no one but me, and no one understood me but him.
“It’s not like that.” He let out a big sigh. “Honestly, if you would have tried a little harder to be social…friendly, you’d have a few friends.” He shook his head and the urge to slap him overwhelmed me. “Yea, you started a new school in March, so what. You’ve been here for over three months and haven’t joined any sports or clubs. Now school’s out for the summer, so you’ll be starting your senior year like you ended this one, with no friends, nothing in common with anyone.”
“Are you lecturing me?” I sprang out of the chair and stepped to the front of him, toe to toe, his back to the brick wall. “Because it almost sounds like you’re telling me that it’s my fault Max is treating me like crap.” My whole body trembled as I fisted both hands. What in the heck was that all about? Was I planning a beat-down on him?
His eyes sparked then narrowed. He just stood there staring at me with those half-closed stormy-blues. Saying nothing.
“You gonna kiss him or what?” Gloria and Martin stood beside us. How and the heck did they manage to follow me? “Go on, get it done.”
“We both know you want to and I can safely say he wants to,” Martin added. “He’s practically licking his lips with anticipation.” He and Gloria giggled.
Kyle’s arms slid around my waist as if he acknowledged Martin’s directives. His body meshed into mine.
Oh gods, what the heck was happening? I shoved my fists against his chest so he pressed into the bricks, and then I jolted out from the solid web of his arms. My brain fogged and my smoky crystal vibrated against my sternum…again. “What are you doing?” My words came out more like a pant than a yell. How was that working for me? Not.
Kyle smiled, a slow stretch of his full lips, and his silence pierced my ears. Maybe this look was his smolder.

I could see how it would work to melt frozen hearts. Mine was doing a good job of hyper-drum-beating against my ribcage.

About the Author:

DK Davis writes YA sci-fi, supernatural, and fantasy with a good dollop of all the relationships woven in between. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

She also writes mainstream supernatural, suspense-thriller romance as S. Peters-Davis.


BWL Publishing Inc. Author Page:

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