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Well now, here we are knee deep in autumn (at least where I live) and what a better way to spend it than curled up in a corner with a good vampire novel. This one's aimed at YA, and we're stoked about that because we have a lot of YA viewers here at Supernatural Central.
Today we have AT THE END OF CHURCH STREET by Gregory L. Hall to share our page with. Gregory has a pretty chilling cover waiting for us. Here it is:

Intrigued? Here's what it's all about:

Homeless and with nowhere to turn, Rebecca De Rosa finds a family of lost souls just like her—the vampires of Orlando. Reborn, she revels in her new lifestyle of 'no rules'. Love whoever you want. Seek whatever high you wish. Live forever young. Every night's an adventure—hunting down tourists, challenging local police, screaming to the world vampires really do exist! It's Neverland and every dream Rebecca has comes true.
Until the first murder.

Someone else lurks in the shadows. Goths are found beheaded, with wooden stakes pounded into their chests. The hunters have become the hunted. As the bodies pile up, Rebecca and the Family are forced to ask who can you trust when the only person who believes you're an actual vampire is a vampire killer?
We had a chance to talk with Gregory, and he had some amusing things to tell us:

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

GLH: At the End of Church Street is actually about two characters, Adam and Lilith. He’s the leader of a ‘family’ of runaway Goth kids who live in a vampire Neverland in Orlando. And Lilith is a homeless girl who reinvents herself to join them. They’re both damaged goods with tortured pasts. As they grow closer, their paradise unravels when the kids are murdered one by one by a hunter who believes they are real vampires. Adam does his best to protect the Family, especially Lilith, but nothing is as it seems.         
SC: Supernatural Central is a big fan of Goths, so we're rooting for them.  Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
GLH: I do believe in spooks! So many great Scooby Doo-level experiences but my favorite is I was alone in the house and found the toilet paper put in the wrong way, with it rolling back instead of looping over the front. I said this is no 3rd world nation and fixed it. When I came back later, it was flipped again. This happened not once but two more times!
A paranormal researcher I knew said it wasn’t ghosts. They don’t have that kind of power. It was demons. He said I had Satan in my crapper! I asked if I should fill the bowl with holy water and keep flushing but my bud was serious. So to this day, pure evil remains in my toilet. I send my sons in there all the time. Not even the Prince of Darkness can endure what teenage boys do to a bathroom.
SC:. (Laughing) That's hilarious. I don't know if it's a demon, but some houses have very intense opinions on which way the TP flows, I have found. But I digress…what titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
GHL: I wrote a novel a couple years ago using my favorite character, Johnny Midnight. He’s a selfish ‘hero’ who is known as the Elvis of the paranormal world. He’s more interested in ratings and movie star girlfriends than actually driving spirits and monsters away. Yet somehow he always does the right thing. I’m working on two more books in the series and giggling with every chapter. I also just finished a screenplay putting a Young Frankenstein twist on Halloween. I love combining comedy and horror, so fingers crossed.
We really enjoyed spending time with you today, Gregory. Feel free to drop us a line at Supernatural Central when you have more things to share.
About the Author:
Gregory L Hall

Gregory L Hall has a long history in comedy, theatre and improv. He is a national Telly Award winner and creator of the Baltimore Comedy Fest, which supported Autism Awareness. Many fans know Greg best as the host/producer of the popular live radio show The Funky Werepig.
As a writer his work has appeared over the decade in various publications, anthologies and a short story collection. His novels rarely stick to one genre, ranging from comedy and romance to intense thrillers and horror. His biggest claim to fame is he was once hugged by Pat Morita, Mr. Miyagi of The Karate Kid. We should pause an extra moment to realize how awesome that is.
You can head on over to Gregory's Amazon page to look at all his books: GET IT HERE

Gregory came to us courtesy of Bewitching Book Tours. Supernatural Central did this posting free-gratis-free. If you haven't checked out BBT's Haunted Halloween Spooktacular, you might want to do that.

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