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I'm so glad that we are back in the land of daylight in this part of the hemisphere. There's something energizing about driving to and from work not in the dark, n'est pas?
Ah, but then there's the other type of dark. Author Carolyn M. Walker stopped by today to have a chat with us here at Supernatural Central. It went like this:
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
CMW: Ethan West is a talented young artist and history buff. Losing his mother as a child and watching his father turn into a raging alcoholic has left Ethan scarred with anxiety and depression. Also, growing up, strange things would happen around Ethan—unexplained things that often got him into trouble. Now at 20 years old, Ethan hopes to turn his life around and put his troubled past behind him. But fate has a different plan. When he falls victim to a paranormal attack that forever changes his life, he can’t help but wonder if there’s a connection.
SC: Speaking of the paranormal, do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
CMW: In several ways, I do. I have experienced things in my life that I could not explain, and I have heard stories from people close to me who have encountered things that would make your hair stand on end. I would say I’m an advocate for the “what if” of things. I believe there are other dimensions and planes of existence that exist all around us. In Immortal Descent, this very question is asked of the main character Ethan. His answer is accompanied by a memory and it’s interesting how he eventually decides whether to believe or not.
SC: I hope he sides to believe. What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
CMW: I’ve got a couple great things underway right now. One is a hometown mystery about four girls who have been keeping a terrible secret since the summer of eighth grade. Nearly 20 years later, the past refuses to stay buried so they return home to face the very thing they tried to keep hidden. Another story I am working on is a young adult conspiracy thriller. Typically, I write adult fiction, but this story came to me as a dream (of course) and it won’t let go.
Thank you so much for this interview opportunity! 😊
SC: No, thank YOU for stopping by. Let's take a look at your release now.

Immortal Descent
Carolyn M. Walker

Book Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

Release Date: 4/3/2018

Publisher: Clean Reads / Astrea Press

Book Description:

Deep in the caves of rural Western Germany, the truth about immortality has remained a secret for centuries, but now that secret is about to break free...

Ethan West knows what it means to be different. With a haunted past and a strange sixth sense he sometimes can’t control, Ethan’s in search of a better future. Instead, he’s brutally attacked. Narrowly saved by the beautiful and mysterious Rue, Ethan quickly learns the world is darker and more bizarre than he had ever imagined. And sparing his life comes with a price: being reborn immortal. Now, a dark faction of ancient, cursed immortal beings known as Lorns are after him. And they want his rare, newly awakened soul.

Descended from the mythological Nephilim, Lorns are bound by either the divine force of order or the mortal force of chaos. Ethan is a rarity, bound by neither, yet he is ruled by both. Now, wielding an ancient and volatile power, Rue and her Alliance work to keep Ethan from spiraling out of control. At the heart of a terrifying underground war between Lorns, Ethan becomes the target of one side and a savior to the other. Amid everything, Ethan struggles to understand his own purpose and power—an ordeal that tests his loyalties, beliefs, and sanity in ways unimaginable. And the greatest danger is yet to come.

Book Excerpt #2:

Now or never.

Using all the strength she still had within her, Victoria reared back and rammed her shoulder into Tristan’s chest, shoving him back off the small bed. As he fell back, she leapt up, her weak but determined feet hitting the cold stone ground. Stumbling forward, Victoria almost fell but corrected herself and managed to make it to the door, which she hastily unbolted, and ran out.

Tristan stood and dusted off the pant legs of his slacks then gave a sigh. “What a naughty little girl,” he said and strolled out the door after her.

Victoria was frantic as she ran down one corridor then another before reaching a short flight of stairs. She hurried up them two at a time until she found herself in another darkened room. She dashed through the space, searching for the exit. At last, she saw a thin slip of light beneath the doorway at the end of another hall. She increased her speed, pushing through it and out into the bright, hot light of late day. Spread out before her was the expanse of golden wheat fields as far as the eye could see. She looked around and around but only saw fields for miles in every direction.

“Where am I?” she said to herself, realizing she was no longer in Switzerland.

“I’ve just acquired this place,” Tristan said, standing back in the doorway to the desolate, oversized farm house. “Quite a find. It came ‘as is,’ and I can’t wait to improve it.”

Victoria spun around, taking in the whole of the house and the land surrounding it. “Why have you taken me here? And what did you do to me?” she asked again.

“As I’ve said before, you belong to me now. So, you go where I deem you fit to be.”

“No,” she retorted.

“Yes,” Tristan countered. “Soon, you will transition into my faithful Lorn, and in time, you will see everything in a much clearer light.”

About the Author:

Carolyn M. Walker is a California native and lover of all things literary. As an avid reader, she always enjoying new and exciting reads. Now as an avid storyteller, it is her mission to bring that same joy to her beloved readers. After earning her Bachelors in English Literature and Psychology, Carolyn went on to pen the draft for her first fiction novel and hasn’t looked back since. Aside from writing, she is also passionate about art, food, travel, history, and music. Carolyn has a soft spot for holiday cooking and loves experimenting with new recipes and treats. She also loves the beach, snorkeling and diving. Carolyn now lives in sunny Florida with her husband and daughter.


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  1. Hi Janine!
    Thanks for the interview and excerpt! I appreciate you sharing information about me and my novel with your readership! I hope you get a chance to read Immortal Descent and let me know what you think! Thanks again!

    Write Wise, Carolyn

  2. Hey there, Carolyn. It was our pleasure. Stop by anytime to bring us up to date.

  3. I will! I really appreciate it! :)