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Hello and welcome to March. March winds and April showers and all that. Hunker down, peeps. Pick up a good book. Like this one. Read a little about it and then join us for an interview!

Loved By A Killer: A Sexy Paranormal Thriller
Loved By A Killer Series
Book One
C.F. Rabbiosi

Genre: PNR, Thriller, Horror

Release Date: Oct. 26th 2016

ISPN: 978-1539743590

Number of Pages: 274
Word Count: Appr. 86,000

Cover artists: Sam Briggs and Ashen Sorrow

Book Description:

Raina loved performing upon the London stage, but one night she found herself dancing for only HIM. She froze, and looked to the balcony where the gaslights flickered dimly over his shadowy form. If only she had known that this beautiful monster would soon rip her away from everything in the world SHE EVER LOVED, perhaps she wouldn’t have lingered so long.

Marcus loved being a blood thirsty predator, but one night his gallivanting brought him to his knees in front of HER. If only he’d known what would happen when she danced, that she would remind him of someone who was everything in the world HE EVER LOVED, Perhaps he would’ve turned away.

As he drags her deeper and deeper into his depraved world of torture and violence, she begins fighting with her own darkness that threatens to consume her everyday. And oh, how it begs to be released. And though she knows it’s wrong, she desires her captor anyway.

Until she begins falling for someone else…

Meanwhile, prostitutes are being butchered in the streets and she begins to wonder: Is her dark lover, the one she is bound to, The Ripper?

With an accurate account of the creepy gaslit times of London and real Jack the Ripper crime scenes, Loved By A Killer is an exciting read from start to finish.

 RACE UPSTAIRS AND TURN THE GASLIGHT ON to its brightest setting and listen to every sound in the house, for anything unusual and for Marcus’ return. My mind spins over this turn of events. The mutilated girl in the picture. The monster that takes pleasure in her horrific murder. The kind of monster that stole my mother away in the darkness leaving our lives wrecked. But now I have power: speed, strength, senses that are out of this world, and an affinity for the night. And somewhere, this monster lurks in the night- that I NOW OWN.
I’m going to destroy him. Jack the Ripper, Marcus, whoever he is- he’s dead. I don’t believe it will cost me what’s left of my humanity, but even if my soul disintegrates to pieces, he must be stopped.
“Fascinated…captivated… Throw me to the devil for I am painfully in love with you.” Marcus appears in the doorway. His face gleams happily and he throws his hat onto the dresser. 
I force a smile. “What have you been up to?”
“Oh, baby, I have my own vampire things to tend to.” He extends his hand toward my face and I flinch. “Have you eaten?” My muscles feel weak and my chest burns a little. “No? Let me fix that. Tom!”
“Please don’t let me hurt him,” I say. He nods. I drink from the young servant’s wrist as my mind swims with horrid thoughts. After ten gulps, I force my mouth away and it doesn’t hurt as much, being far more interested in Marcus’ bloody affairs. I pull up a sleeve to wipe the blood away and Tom lies back on the bed.
“Guess what happened tonight?” Marcus flings messy hair out of his face and plops down on the bed beside me.
 “What happened?”
“There was another murder on the East side.”
My breath catches. “And?” I flutter my eyelids up at my beaming vampire. “How do you know that?”
“While I was… out, the town was a-buzz with the sad murmurings of a new victim.”
“You seem so torn up.”
“Of course not. But she was.”  
Tom’s hand lands on my leg. “Can I be yours? Like, your personal blood boy?”
Marcus scoffs. “She’s likely to kill you, chap.”    
“Go ahead Marcus, tell me what happened,” I say, unable to keep my voice steady.
“They say it was a bangtail called Dark Annie. The doctor had to scoop her intestines and organs out of the dirt and put them back into her stomach.”
“I see.” My mind unveils all the mutilated women in the artwork I just discovered in Marcus’ study. What a painting this new murder would make. “He’s not going to stop, is he?” I stare pointedly into those dark pools of hypnotizing evil.
“Doubtful.” He cocks his head to the side and grins.
Well, hell.
Intrigued? Well, hell yeah. We had a chance to have a chat with Charity and here's what we discovered:

SC: Tell us a little bit about the main character in your book.

CFR: .Raina Corliss dances upon the London stage in a time when performing was frowned upon for women. She becomes the fascination of an old and dangerous Vampire because somehow, she looks exactly like his human love from so many years ago. He takes her against her will and transforms her, because he wants so badly to have his wife back again, and this time, protect her from a horrible death. But Raina doesn’t want this, she doesn’t believe she is this other woman, and fears that something else, something otherworldly is going on. Soon, she realizes her very soul is in danger, and every day becomes pain as she fights to keep it.

SC: She sounds like a very strong woman. Here at Supernatural Central, we're all about the strange and wonderous. We're wondering if you've ever had any supernatural experiences yourself?

CFR: My character, Breanne, is a vengeful spirit who was killed horribly, and she finds her way back to her dead body, possesses it, and digs her way out of the grave to get revenge. Effectively a zombie. I love using ghosts in my work, and the second of the series has tons of them. I myself have had some experience with the supernatural. I lived in a hundred year old Victorian house in the Midwest and it seemed like something else lived there with me. Footsteps through my room in the dead silence of night, drawers pulled out in the bathroom, stuff like that.

SC: Well then, you'll fit right in around here. What's up next for you?

CFR: Right now, even though for months it made my stomach turn to even think about it, I’m working on the second draft of “Loved by the First,” the second in the series. It feels really good to be getting it done, and I’m so pleased with it! This time, Raina has to leave the love she’s fought so hard for, because her Sire, the gorgeous and wicked Marcus threatens him, as does her own very dark and dangerous nature. She finds herself in a new world hunting another prolific killer, but she can’t get away from Varo, the first and most formidable of all vampires. He is terrifying and cold, and wants to punish Marcus through her, but somehow, she manages to warm his hardened heart.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share with you today!



SC: Feel free to drop by any time.

About the Author:

Charity lives in the University town of Columbia, MO with her husband and three girls. She holds degrees in Science and Registered Nursing, but found her true passion in writing.

Her stories are inspired by Interview with the Vampire, The Last Vampire, Buffy and True Blood and finds herself on most days living and writing in her own fantasy world- when she’s not chasing after her kids.

Member of Writers Digest, Writers Café, and Word Press.

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