Sunday, March 26, 2017


I don't know what I was doing when this series originally aired. Maybe I started that sweater that I have yet to finish knitting and needed to concentrate. But somehow I missed it.

But thanks to the magic that is Netflix, I've been able to enjoy three seasons of the supernatural series. It became my guilty pleasure. My husband even watched it with me nightly.

The series focuses on the lives of teenagers Liz, Maria, Kyle, Alex and their alien friends Max, Michael and Isabel. You'll see some familiar faces in the cast.

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The first season is sugary sweet, almost Dawson Creek-ish, as teen romance blooms, well... everywhere. Kyle loses Liz to Max. Maria and Michael start their on again-off again romance. Alex pines over the beautiful Isabel.

As one by one select residents of the town of Roswell, NX learn the secret identities of the aliens, it becomes a mystery of friend or foe.

The second season gets a little meatier, but then takes a nose dive with one particular episode that gets the series off course for the most part, until season three. You'll know which one as soon as you watch it. Who thought that was a good idea? Bad show runner. Bad. Okay, maybe two stupid episodes. Heigl doesn't punk out very well. (But I love her in the show).

Watching the hairstyles change from season to season will make you smile. And for the record, I want Maria's wardrobe.

I don't know why it only lasted three seasons, but before you think "I don't want to watch something that short only to be let down at the end," let me assure you that it was all neatly wrapped up in a bow. The second to last episode could have been the end, but there's a bonus one that had me weepy. That's right. Weepy.

So if you're in the mood for a charming, relatively short sci-fi series, girl this one a ride.

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