Wednesday, March 28, 2018


As some of you may know, I am a casual listener of an indie radio show called SPACED OUT RADIO, captained by a fellow named Dave Scott who hails from somewhere in the mountains of British Columbia.

Dave was away at a UFO conference in California when I happened to listen to his alternate host Joe Rupe as he interviewed a fellow by the name of Jeff Willes, who hails from Arizona where the skies are big and blue and there seems to be a lot of um... activity.

My recent renewal of UFO interest was triggered by a friend of mine who recently saw something mysterious over the skies of Pitt Meadows, a borough of Vancouver, BC. It excited (and scared) him enough to report the sighting to UFOBC. He didn't get a great video of it, even though he tried, because that's not always the first thing you think about when you see something like that, i.e. pulling over and grabbing your phone. At least some of us don't.

But Joe Rupe's guest Jeff Willes does like to film them. So here's a video from YouTube of some of the things he has caught via camera.

Jeff was an entertaining guest on the show that night, and I think he can talk forever about the unexplained things he has caught on film/video.

You can learn more about Jeff at his website to learn more or obtain copies of his videos.

You can learn more about the radio show at that link. I tend to listen to re-broadcasts on

Happy travels, all.

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