Monday, November 7, 2016


We've got a whole lot of Paranormal love to give to you today, for FREE! I know, right?

Full disclosure, you'll see one of my titles in this list, but you'll also see over 40 other authors works here for you to download courtesy of ROZMARS who put it all together, and the fabulous folks at #InstaFreebie.

We'll make it really easy for you to get your goodies. GO HERE

A lot of people wonder why authors do this, offer their books for free. They wonder if there is something wrong with the book. Well, like any book that can happen, but rest assured freebies are just part of EVERY (okay, maybe not every, but let's say MOST) author's publicity routine these days. There's usually at least one title in their works that is made available as a promo because we want new readers. And we're hoping you'll like the freebie enough to post the all important review and hopefully purchase one of our other titles.

So here you go, lots of choices for your reading pleasure because if you're stopping by SUPERNATURAL CENTRAL we know you like the unknown in your life.  And no, you do not have to live in the UK to get these titles.

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