Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well hey there, fray. I finally have a moment to give a quick review of the summer movie GHOSTBUSTERS (Answer the Call). As you probably know, I am a big fan of anything "ghost", so I was really looking forward to this reboot of the 1984 classic. Sigh.

Now there's been a lot of talk about the decision to go with the all female cast, and of course since I fit into that human sub-species, I see nothing particularly wrong with that. So don't go there with me. Ever.

But... if we still had video stores on the corner, I would consider this movie a "renter". Fun to see, but not worth the $$ to go to the movie house to watch. Sure there, some recognizable faces and some funky special effects, but for me... it just didn't give me the "boo" for the buck that I was looking for.

I'm a big fan of Melissa McCarthy. I liked her in The Gilmore Girls. She's great in Mike and Molly. She was fabulous in Spy. But they didn't give her enough to work with in this flick as Dr. Abigail "Abby" Yates. Who's fault? I don't know, but a golden opportunity was missed somewhere.

Kristen Wiig as Dr. Erin Gilbert is ... okay.

You know who steals the show? Kate McKinnon. Her portrayal of Dr. Jillian Holtzman is the best thing about this movie. I want her glasses. You can cut some serious swagger in those glasses.

And let's give a shout out to Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan. She's a breath of fresh air when she comes into the mix.

Truthfully, I'm trying to figure out a way to hire their receptionist (wink,wink), but apparently he's in big demand, that Chris Hemsworth.

I know the script went through several versions before the third installment of this franchise started filming, but for me it could have gone through one more. It didn't hit the expected level of campiness...campiness??? You know what I mean.

So... this one hits 3 howls out of five. Barely.

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