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INTERVIEW WITH A.J. WHARTON (Rebirth-Birds of Change)

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To get your week started we have an interview with author A.J. Wharton, here to talk about REBIRTH-Birds of Change.
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
AJW:   The main character of the book is a girl who wakes up in the hospital with no memories of who she is. The only tie to her previous life a silver necklace with the name Asylia inscribed. A group called Revival takes her in and she soon after she discovers that she has supernatural powers revolving around fire. At first glance she is categorized as a fire elemental, but even that isn’t quite right. She is reserved at first, not knowing who she can and can’t trust. But as she grows more and more comfortable with those around her, her personality flourishes. Her naivety, thoughtfulness, and sheer power make for an interesting character. She is described in the book has been mid-twenties but looks a bit younger. She has blonde hair with a red streak in the front, along with an olive complexion. Her most notable, visible trait is her bright amber eyes. 

SC: Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
AJW: Yes, in this world I believe anything is possible. Throughout my life I have had experiences that couldn’t be explained logically. The most notable time was when I was with my mother driving home. She had paused in the middle of her story and stared at the road, and as we drove closer to home she turned to me and asked If I had seen a ghost on the road. I had.

SC: Interesting! Double affirmaton. Thanks for sharing that. What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
AJW: I’m currently working on the sequel to Rebirth,

It will take place about 3-4 weeks after the events in the first book. Mainly focusing on relationships, and the characters Asylia and Azria finding balance. The working title at the moment is Resonance and I hope to release by early 2019.
I’m also working on a prequel to Rebirth, this one is set a considerable amount of time prior to the events in Rebirth. The book will follow the character Junia as she is sent by Zeus to earth to evaluate the progression of human kind. It will shed light on the reasons why she is the way she is, and clarify the relationship between her and her sister. 

Thanks for stopping by. Let's take a look at your title now.

Birds of Change
Book 1
A.J. Wharton

Genre: Urban fantasy

Publisher: Angela Wharton       

Date of Publication: April 15th 2018

ISBN: 978-1732067806

Number of pages: 387
Word Count: 97,336

Tagline: What’s your talent?
Book Description:

In a world divided between those who are talented and those who aren’t, Vici is a city governed by an egotistical Praetor driven by his hatred for the gifted individuals—the Tallents—who he considers a plague. Tallents are forced into the shadows, for fear that they will be caught and executed.

An explosion rocks the city to its very foundation; the sole survivor a young woman with no memories of her past. Her only tie to her previous life is a silver necklace with the name Asylia inscribed. Risen from the ashes, she pieces herself together while taking control of her emerging fire talent. She must be careful; one mistake and she will end up like all the other Tallents who have faced the Praetor’s wrath.

Harbored by a mysterious group called Revival, the young woman discovers that the people of Vici are disappearing at an alarming rate. Together with her new friends, she must rally against the Praetor’s tyranny, racing to free the city in hopes that she isn’t too late to bring peace to this world in turmoil. 


A rustling chain nearby; my body feels weak and heavy as the darkness surrounds me. Cold numbness fills my body. The razor-sharp wind cascades past my face. A shattering noise wakes me up to the icy wind whipping across my body. The current turns me over and over as if I’m a mere plaything for the air around me. My eyes spring open and struggle against the oncoming current. I am high in the air above the city. Beneath me, bright lights of buildings stretch as far as I can see. I panic as I fall faster and faster toward the ground.
A bright light emanates from behind me and lights up the night sky as the pulse of power fuels an explosion above me. I twist and turn as I rocket toward the ground. Something is attached to me and squirming to get out of my reach. Got to hold on; got to hold on just a little longer. A black, crumpled mass tears from my body, its claws ripping at my flesh as it disappears above me. My body rocks from it, picking up pace as my arms flail around, helpless against the downward pull of gravity. Beneath me, I recognize the building as the one they had shown when Praetor Fraus delivered his announcement. It isn’t how I remembered seeing it though. When I last saw it, it was charred and broken, but this building looks pristine. The city fills my vision as I soar closer and closer. Brilliant glistening buildings formed almost a perfect circle: the edge of the city outlined by crystalline magenta walls.

A mangled voice comes from behind me, but the wind makes it hard to make out what it is saying. I see through the glass ceiling of the building and I try to change my path, but I burst through the glass as fire surrounds me.

About the Author:

Angela lives in the small capital of Delaware. An avid gamer and superhero fan, she spends most of her free time playing video games. With her work, she travels for hours at a time and that’s where she discovered her love for audiobooks. Angela would get wrapped up in the story, and the fantasy that came alive all around her made the miles fly by. After being inspired by Susan Ilene’s Sensor series, she was motivated to write her first book. Angela dreamed about the events in the books for weeks before she finally started writing them down. Rebirth is Angela’s debut novel, but first of many in a series.

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