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Hello and welcome to Monday.

We have a major arcana card again this week, and it's all sunshine and sunflowers. It reminds me of a line from a Trooper song "…and the sun is shining, in this rainy city." Don't let the weather fool you, this week will bring some inner peace and calm despite any exterior influences. You are ultimately in charge of your own happiness, and it's okay to feel good about your achievements, especially this week. It's a good time to be thankful for what you have and share it with others. Hold someone's hand. They might need it more than you think.

Have a good one.


First of all, sorry to everyone who experienced a glitch with their work on this site. We were without phone and internet for a week. So much for modern technology. Anyway, we are back up and lucky to have an interview with author Alexandra Christian!
SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
AC: The main character of the Phoenix Rising series is Cage St. John. He’s a former agent with MI:6 who had a bit of an accident involving DNA splicing which has given him shapeshifting ability. At the beginning of Naked (Book 1), he’s a spy for hire.
Cage can shift into almost any sort of creature you can imagine from a cat to a dragon. The only problem is, with these supernatural strengths, also come the weaknesses. For example, he can become a vampire with incredible speed and strength, but he also has the bloodlust and weakness during the day. He can become a wolf, but there’s an animalistic rage that comes with it. The process of shifting is also quite painful, so it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Cage has been solitary for a long time, so he isn’t what one might call friendly.
SC: Speaking of supernatural strenths, do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
AC: This is a very interesting question. My husband Tally is also a writer and he writes books of true ghost stories. We have gone to numerous haunted sites researching his books. My favorite incident was several years ago in Manteo, NC. ICYMI, the town of Manteo sits on the site of the original Roanoke colony. Yes, the one where all the settlers disappeared with no sign except for CROATAN being carved on a tree. Anyway, we had a friend who had been working on The Lost Colony outdoor drama over the summer. She invited us out to the park because she’d seen some strange stuff and wanted to get Tally’s opinion. Our first mistake was going  out on the path in the dark. First, the temperature dropped dramatically and the wind began to blow. My husband takes off through the woods thinking he’s seen something watching us through the trees. I kept walking, becoming more nauseated with every step. Finally, I got so dizzy and sick that I had to turn back. It is probably the most frightened I’ve ever been at a haunted place.
SC: Yes, when you start to feel ill, it's a good time to just walk away. Thanks for sharing your story. And speaking of stories…  what titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
AC :My brain is split in three pieces right now! I’m working on book three in the Phoenix Rising series. It’s tentatively called In Absinthia and takes place on a space colony that’s basically a Victorian Era theme park. Very Agatha Christie murder mystery. I’m also working on a novella series about Dr. John Watson (yes, sidekick of Sherlock Holmes) and his adventures in monster hunting. The first of that series should be out soon under my other pseudonym, A.C. Thompson. And finally, I’m working on a fluffy contemporary romance about a retired rock star and a kindergarten teacher who fall in love and save an elementary school. They’re all wildly different stories, so hopefully I won’t get confused.
SC: Thanks so muc h for popping in for a chat. Let's take a look at your book now.

Phoenix Rising
Book One
Alexandra Christian

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: April 13, 2017

ISBN: 1545383235 
ISBN: 978-1545383230

Number of pages: 210
Word Count: 70,000

Book Description:


Librarian Phoebe Addison has lived her entire life within a seventy-five mile radius of her small Louisiana town, but when she receives a strange medallion from her adventurous, off-world sister, reality tilts toward the bizarre. Everything Phoe thought she knew is…well, wrong. Dead wrong. But bone-numbing fear has no place in this brave new world—nor by the side of the dangerous, exquisite man who saves her life.


Following the tragic slaughter of his family, operative Macijah “Cage” St. John understands evil in a way no man ever should. He traded happiness for a magnificent and terrible power, and fate isn’t done with him yet. He wasn’t looking for comfort. He didn’t need tenderness. But today he’ll play hero to a damsel in distress, and his quest will deliver him to the uncanny Martian colony of New London—and his heart to the demure Phoebe Addison. The bookish beauty’s hidden talents and deep abiding love just might save Cage from himself.

Boroughs Publishing      Amazon       BN      Kobo      Smashwords      Print

Excerpt  Naked:

“Hey…” she sighed, taking the curve of his jaw in the palm of her hand and raising his eyes to meet hers. “I’m okay. You saved my life. For like… the millionth time.”  He didn’t move, so she didn’t pull away, finally able to observe him. His jaw was set, tense as he stared at her with those dusky, changeable eyes. But Phoe could feel a tremble there. A fear lurking underneath that she would never have expected a man like Cage to possess. “I’m fine.”
“And what in hell were you doing?” he said, snapping his head up to glare at her. “I told you to run away and you did exactly the opposite of what I said! You could have been killed! Or worse, bitten! You just… you don’t understand, Phoe. I’m supposed to protect you, and I didn’t protect you. I can’t lose another…”  His words trailed off. She could tell he wanted to say more but wouldn’t. She held his gaze, but he looked away, as if he were hiding some weakness he couldn’t stand for her to see. There was some trauma lurking there.
“What are you talking about?” she said. “Help me understand.” 
“I can’t,” he said, pulling back and shaking his head as if to clear it. “I won’t.”
“But why…”
He rolled back on his heels and rose quickly, his shoulder brushing against the bedside table and nearly toppling the glass of tea, an uncharacteristically clumsy movement. “Just leave it alone, Phoe. My demons are my own.”  The weakness was gone, and now that hard-edged, barely contained anger returned. She knew if she pressed him that he would lash out. She was starting to understand, to be able to read his moods that had seemed so random and mysterious when they’d first met. There was a scab, healed over but still burning. “Rest up,” he said, turning to walk away. “We’ll leave at sunset. Addie has a car.”
Swallowing her nausea, she threw back the blanket and stumbled out of the bed toward him. “Wait… Cage…”
He stopped but didn’t turn.
“Look, I don’t know what’s happened to you in your past. But we all have demons. Some of us, more than most people. I get it.”  She lay a hand on his shoulder, feeling the tremble of muscles pulled tight. The sensation of gentle touch had evidently become a foreign concept, and his first reaction was to flee. His head turned, staring down at where the cool, pearlescent flesh of her fingertips rested against him. Such a profile, his eyes gazing downward and just the faint glisten of a single tear resting just under his eyelashes. Phoe’s heart broke for him. “You can trust me.”

“I do trust you, Phoe.”  She slid her arm along his shoulder, and he turned, enveloping her body in a gentle embrace. He brushed a hand over her brow, smoothing back the stray locks that fell around her face. Being so close to him, she felt small and skittish. If he loosened his grasp even just a little, she feared she would retreat. He took her hand, bringing it to his lips and then pressing her palm against his cheek. Instantly his body relaxed, as if her touch were some sort of calming drug. Phoebe could actually feel the tension melting from his embrace. His eyes were full of fire and his breathing labored. Phoe couldn’t believe that it was her doing this to him. That all of this was for her. “I don’t trust me,” he went on. She was mesmerized by the curves of his lips as he spoke and without even realizing, she’d moved closer. Only a breath between them, and then their lips touched. He kissed her, lightly at first then more insistent. Phoe was stiff, the sensation so unfamiliar as his sumptuous mouth caressed her lower lip, worrying it gently, teaching her what to do. She melted into his embrace, and he teased the crease of her mouth with the tip of his tongue, coaxing it open before taking possession. Cage stole her breath and then offered his own. His arms tightened around her waist as he pulled her in against him, letting his hands rest on her hips as their kiss went on and on. When he let her go, Phoe stumbled, holding her dizzy head. A fluttery feeling rose in the pit of her belly, and all she wanted to do was kiss him again.

Phoenix Rising
Book Two
Alexandra Christian

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: October 26, 2017


Number of pages: 167 pages
Word Count: 65,500

Reluctant to become a spy again, Macijah "Cage" St. John's instincts prove correct when all hell breaks loose for him and his lady love, Phoebe Addison, who is also his new partner.

Book Description:


Macijah "Cage" St. John' didn't want the spy life anymore. He would have been thrilled to spend every morning lying in the field behind Phoe's home in smalltown Louisiana watching the clouds roll by. But his Miss Addison wanted to spread her wings, literally. So Cage accepted a mission that teamed him up with his lady love. If only he had trusted her.


Everything about being a spy was a million times more exciting, and scarier, than the books she'd read in her former life as a librarian. When her first mission with Cage turned into a colossal clusterf*ck because he withheld information and kept secrets, Phoebe's world narrowed into a long tunnel of betrayal. Captured by space pirates and delivered to a horrible fate, she wished the last words between them had been of love, because she was certain she would never see Cage St. John again.

Amazon      Boroughs Publishing

Excerpt Neo-Geisha:
Phoebe stood there letting the steaming water pour down over her body, wishing it would wash away the doubt. She didn’t hear the swish of the door opening so when Cage stepped into the shower behind her she screamed, coming at him with the tiny penknife she kept on hand at all times.
“Whoa,” he chuckled, grabbing her wrist. “Calm down. It’s me.” She held firm to the hilt of the knife for a few seconds before letting him slip it from her grasp. “You’re all right.”
“Am I?”
He nodded. “You’re always safe with me, love.”
“Is that a promise?” She met his gaze, searching for sincerity in it.
“Always.” He leaned in and pressed his lips to her forehead. “You really must stop taking weapons into the shower. That’s a nasty accident waiting to happen.”
All the pent-up emotion and stress from the last several weeks bubbled to the surface and she crumpled against him, her tears mixing with the falling water in a mixture of relief and fear, exhilaration and uncertainty. “There now, baby. You’re all right.” He wrapped his arms around her, brushing the matted tendrils away from her ear and kissing her lightly at the small hollow beneath. It made her feel small and protected. She craved the strength she felt in the hard muscles cording through his arms and chest.
“Is it like this every time?” she sniffled.
He chuckled. “You get used to it.”
“I didn’t think you were supposed to be afraid.”
“Where on earth would you get that idea?” he said. “Fear keeps us on our toes.”
“It didn’t do so well for me,” she replied, rubbing at her burning eyes. “I fucked up everything.”
“No you didn’t. It isn’t anyone’s fault. It just happened.”
“If you hadn’t been there…” she sniffled. “I’d… I…”
He took her chin between his fingertips and forced her head up. “You would have figured a way out. You’re smart and managed to keep your cool. As soon as the antidote took hold, you were able to shift. That confusion you created saved both our skins. So no more of this doubt, all right? You need to not worry so much,” he purred, nudging her back under the spray. The steam was a comfort, wrapping her in a blanket of humid warmth and she began to relax. “You’re so tense.” He turned her around brushing his fingertips along her spine.
“You know I’m a worrier,” she muttered.
“It’s a useless endeavor, I’m afraid.” His fingers came to rest at the swell of her ass and began tracing circles at the base of her spine. The callouses at the tips tickled at her skin and she shivered. He pulled her against him, so close that she could feel his lips fluttering against the cuff of her ear. “You have to let that go. Let me help you forget all about the wolves in the dark.”
She leaned back, luxuriating in the sensation of his hands slip-sliding over her body. Her skin was slick with the water and the remnants of expensive bath oil. “I think you’re trying to seduce me, Mr. St. John.”
“Of course I am,” he replied, pushing her hair away from her neck so that he could feather gentle kisses under her hairline. “Do you mind?”
“I’ll tell you when I mind,” she mumbled with a groan as he pinched her fleshy earlobe between his teeth. She reached back, tangling her fingers in the soft curls at the base of his skull. They were short, but long enough to wrap around a fingertip and tug lightly. She could feel his body so close behind her, hard against her softness. The contrast was so erotic that she was breathless even before his hands slid over her breasts.
“It isn’t fair,” she sighed as the blunt edge of his thumbnail slid over her nipple. “To let me get all clean only to make me dirty again.”

“I’ll gladly scrub anything you have, Miss Addison.”

About the Author:

Alexandra Christian is an author of mostly romance with a speculative slant. Her love of Stephen King and sweet tea has flavored her fiction with a Southern Gothic sensibility that reeks of Spanish moss and deep fried eccentricity. Lexx likes to keep her fingers in lots of different pies having written everything from sci-fi and horror to Sherlock Holmes adventures. 

A self-proclaimed “Southern Belle from Hell,” Lexx is a native South Carolinian who lives with an epileptic wiener dog and her husband, author Tally Johnson. Her long-term aspirations are to one day be a best-selling authoress and part-time pinup girl. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America.

Amazon Author Central:

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Sunday, November 19, 2017


So, having had my phone and internet down for a week, I was reminded why bundling all your services together is probably not a good idea. Telus is usually dependable but someone clipped our wire in the phone box on the street, so we were left with our Shaw tv. I'm not so happy with my Shaw HDTV service, but this week it came in handy as it was actually working. But I digress...

I spent some time watching KINDRED SPIRITS Season 2 on Shaw on Demand/TLC on Demand.

For those that don't know, this is the paranormal series that features ex-Ghost Hunter veterans Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. I know these shows aren't everyone's cup of tea, but this one is a kinder, gentler version of a paranormal investigation. One thing I like about it, is that family members or employees of the haunted premises get to take part at least for a bit, during the investigation. That's the way my own paranormal group, VANCOUVER SUPERNATURAL, works.

I've seen a couple of times that the continuity person on the series fell asleep, but everyone should know that these shows are not shot all in one day, as much as they would like you to believe they were.

My tastes run more GHOST HUNTERS than GHOST ADVENTURES. How about you?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A CHAT WITH JACK WALLEN (For Whom The Reap Tolls)

AUTHOR IN THE HOUSE! Today we're pleased to welcome Jack Wallen.

SC: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
JW: The main character in the Reapers series is Grim, the Reaper. He’s been around for centuries serving a singular purpose—Guiding the souls of the dead back into the Universal Pool, so that they may be re-purposed for other living beings. Centuries of life have made him a bit bitter and sarcastic … a character trait that is very much challenged when he accidentally reaps the love of his life (in the first book of the series). Grim is charming, funny, and self-aware to a fault. I will also say that there is more of me in Grim than any other character I’ve written to date.

SC:  Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

JW: I certainly do. I come from a very broken home and family. My mother suffered from numerous mental issues and had me and my sister convinced (as children) she and the house were haunted. Once upon a time—this was during undergraduate school—I was going through a rather hard period in my life. I was living with some friends and things were spiraling out of control. One day I came home from rehearsal for a nap. My roomies were all quite concerned about me (especially considering I never nap) and were watching me from the door of my room. They all swore I was laying in bed, with both arms at my side, when the blanket at my feet slowly made its way up my body to cover me. My friends insisted it happened—and had no reason to lie to me. I’ve had other, similar, instances—such as, where I saw my guardian angels floating above me (one of which wears a stovepipe hat).

SC: What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?

JW: I am currently in the editing process with my book “Dead Twin Sister” (the sequel to “The Dark Seduction”), as well as about to finish up the first draft of “Suicide Machine” (The sequel to “Suicide Station”). I will then be embarking on co-authoring a new series, for Devil Dog Press, with Jaime

SC: Thanks so much for stopping by, Jack. Let's take a look at your book.

For Whom The Reap Tolls
Reapers Series
Book 3
Jack Wallen

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Devil Dog Press

ISBN: 978-1542311281

Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 61,782

Cover Artist: Dane

Tagline: All is fair in love and death.

Book Description:

A Reaper’s job is never done!

The Scythe has been eradicated. Now it’s time for Grim and company to enjoy much-needed rest, pizza, and romance. Thing is, Death has darker plans and deep-seated secrets to reveal.

With the help of a bookstore dedicated to all things occult, Grim uncovers a truth that could very well set him at odds with Fate and send the natural order spiraling into chaos.

The soul-reaping Scooby Gang is back to help the spirits of humanity return to the Universal Pool and challenge the Eternal status quo.

For whom will the bell toll? Inquiring minds want to know.

Amazon     BN      iTunes     Smashwords

Check Out Book One
A Tale of Two Reapers

About the Author:

Jack Wallen is what happens when a Gen Xer mind-melds with present day snark. Jack is a seeker of truth and a writer of words with a quantum mechanical pencil and a disjointed beat of sound and soul. Although he resides in the unlikely city of Louisville, Kentucky, Jack likes to think of himself more as an interplanetary traveler, on the lookout for the Satellite of Love and a perpetual movie sign...or so he tells the reflection in the mirror (some times in 3rd person). Jack is the author of numerous tales of dark, twisty fiction including the I Zombie series, the Klockwerk Movement, the Fringe Killer series, Shero, The Nameless Saga, and much more.

MEET JUN PRINCE (The Beautiful Dead)

Sorry for the late delay, but this interview just came in. I am without phone or internet service since Monday...

SC : Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.
JP: There are five PoVs in The Beautiful Dead. I'll discuss them in order of appearance. The Beautiful Dead takes its name from the idea that each of the four pop stars we follow has had to sacrifice part of her life in pursuit of celebrity dreams.
Jieun (appearance 15, real age 22, ghost) is a poltergeist who evolves from antagonist, to something we aren't quite sure of, to protagonist by the end of the book. She was bullied in school, killed herself, and now spends her death as a ghost trying to protect the unloved, and get even with people she feels represent the kind of kids who picked on her. She's singled out Yubin, a Korean pop star who went to her school, for the bulk of her punishment, but somewhere in the process of pretending to be Yubin's electronic friend, discovers a true friendship with her nemesis which she never had in life.
Yubin (age: 24, psychic) is a lonely Korean pop star, She's a misanthrope and an empath. Go figure. Just because she feels the emotions the people around her are feeling in what she calls her 'second heart,' doesn't mean she understands why they feel the way they do. To make matters worse, she's got a big head, and needs to learn how to open up and be less judgmental in order to find contentment. Jieun is pretty much her only friend at the start of the novel. She feels like becoming a star hasn't given her life any meaning and wants to change that.
Rena (Age 21, human) doesn't have any powers, but she, like all the other protagonists except Jieun, is a member of the same Korean pop group as Yubin. She's also the daughter of the CEO of her record label. She's the victim of nepotism's backlash because her father is emotionally abusive. She desperately needs to find a way out of his shadow.
Somi (age 18, human ) is loveable and energetic. She's the kind of person who makes it really hard to stay in a bad mood if you're around her. She's the rapper of the group, and struggles to be taken seriously due to having two hearing aids, and a learning disability on top of that. She's sick of people always telling her what she can't do either because of her hearing impairment or ADD.
Tae-Eun (Age 21, werefox, sorceress) starts the story as a human woman, who has been coerced and sexually abused by her managers, but a near death experienced awakens her latent supernatural nature and she becomes a werefox, the great great great great great great granddaughter of a full blooded nine-tailed fox woman called a gumiho. Her story is about reclaiming personal power, and finding inner strength when her "dream" of becoming an idol has stripped away everything she had to live for and become a nightmare. The spirit of her grandmother is trying to teach her to do magic, but the most important ingredient of a successful spell is faith in yourself, a quality that at the beginning she's sorely lacking.

SC:  Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?
JP: I believe in the paranormal in the sense that I believe that there's a whole lot more in this world and universe that we don't understand than do. I also had out of body experiences (OBEs) from the age of 12 through my mid 20s. A lot of uncanny stuff happened in the old house I grew up in - objects moving on their own, CD players turning on and picking 'favorite' songs without anyone touching them, but going through them all would be enough for a memoir the length of my novel. I use some of my personal experiences as foundations for descriptions of Yubin's interaction with the spirit world, etc.
I like to think that one day we'll have the technology to transform things like ghosts, what we now call the paranormal, into an exciting new field of scientific discovery.
SC: What titles are you working on now that you can tell us about?
JP: I'm almost finished with my second novel, Grey, which explores alien abduction in the Pacific Northwest USA. After that it's a toss up between either trying my hand at a LitRPG, or starting in on a series of character specific novellas focusing on the protagonists of The Beautiful Dead before jumping into a full length second novel where they are functioning as a group. 

The Beautiful Dead:  A Tale of K-Pop, Ghosts,
and Nine-Tailed Fox Women
Jun Prince

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Publisher: Apollo and Nyx Publishing

Date of Publication:   September 22, 2017

ISBN:   978-0999491300

Number of pages:  346 (Print)

Word Count:  97k Words

Cover Artist:  Damonza

A lonely Korean pop star learns her high school classmate died five years ago. So why are they still texting?

Book Description:

Yubin knows she’s different than the other girls in the pop group SIITY. Yes, they all got sucked into the same machine, giving up schooling and signing ridiculously long contracts before anyone knew if they'd be successful, but that's how pop stars are made in Korea. Yubin is supposed to be thankful for that, but she isn't. She doesn't even like the girls she performs with. 

She’s more connected to her former schoolmate Jieun, even though all they ever do is text. Over the last two months, Jieun has become her confidant and best friend, connecting Yubin to the real world in a way she desperately needs. Now that SIITY is going to appear on the reality show The Incredible Race: Asia, Yubin will need that connection more than ever, which is why she’s devastated to discover Jieun has been dead five years and is actually haunting her. 

If that weren’t enough, Yubin’s not the only SIITY member with issues. Rena’s father is emotionally abusive. Somi has a learning disability, and after a near death experience, Tae-eun becomes a nine-tailed fox woman. The only way they’ll survive the show, each other, and the supernatural currents buffeting them is to work together and win the hearts of their fans. Because if they don’t, they have nothing to go back to even if they survive what's trying to kill them.  

Excerpt 3 (586 words):


Yubin looked at the gumiho. A moment of stunned silence settled between the two women like a moment somehow out of time and place untouched by the urgent emotions of the now. Yubin stood in the hall beside the bathroom, and unable to see Michi, Tae-eun crouched beside her bed. Time caught up.
Yubin shrieked.
“Aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!” God, that woman has powerful lungs.  
“Yubin!” Tae-eun yelled.
Yubin blinked and paused her noise upon recognizing her name in the twisted animal sounds spilling from Tae-eun’s throat. It gave Tae-eun the moment she needed to make the sign of the cross, direct her eyes toward the ceiling and say “Sorry…” in apology for abusing the name of The Lord.
“Aaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!” Yubin shrieked again.
The sound made Tae-eun’s head rattle. It struck her between the eyes as if the other woman tried in earnest to give Tae-eun the world’s first sonic lobotomy. If the first call had been a shriek of surprise, the tail end of the latter was most certainly a battle cry. Tae-eun’s unnie darted to the minibar, and hurled a heavy glass at Tae-eun’s skull. She dodged out of the way, but then Rena appeared behind her.
“What the..?” Was all Rena had time to say before leaping on to Tae-eun’s bed. She rolled to the head board and armed herself with a pillow. Yubin seemed ready to hurl a pack of M&Ms at Tae-eun when Rena clobbered the werefox with the pillow on top of the head.
Owwweee! What the hell? It didn’t hurt, but what else was she supposed to think when she was suddenly attacked by her best friend and the SIITY group leader.
“Rena-ya!” Yubin called, and somehow that was all Rena needed to know that Yubin required a pillow. Rena tossed one in Yubin’s direction, spun, and smashed her own pillow into Tae-eun’s muzzle. That one really did hurt. The Gumiho screamed as sparkles swam through her vision.
Yubin hadn’t hit Tae-eun yet, but that was only because she was filling the pillow case with cans of coke and mini bottles of alcohol. The leader whirled the 420 thread count sack of pain over her head, and landed a blow that sounded with an audible crack against Tae-eun’s jaw.
A loud snapping sound escaped the bathroom. Something darted through the air like a flying snake. Michi had been laughing, at the site of the three meter werefox being pillow pounded by two skinny girls half her size, but then the shark woman started gagging. Tae-eun couldn’t see what had happened because at first Yubin blocked her view, and now she was too busy huddling on the floor with her arms protecting her head in the fetal position.
“Don’t… “ another powerful blow to the back of the head from Rena. Damn she’s strong!” “you…!” Yubin’s weighted blow crashed down on her back. Owe! “realize…!” another blow from Rena as she downed her feather filled club like an executioner’s axe. “that I could…!” Yubin delivered another painful blow to Tae-eun’s side and then Rena and Yubin hit her at exactly the same time.
Tae-eun had enough.
Moving faster than any living creature her size should have been able, she grabbed one of her attackers in each of her massive hands. She threw Rena forcefully on to her own bed, and then tossed Yubin effortlessly onto the other where Michi had been sitting.
“…tear you apart!” Neither of the women had a proper sense of self preservation. Attacking a gumiho with pillows… With pillows!

About the Author:

Jun has lived in Asia for the better part of the last decade. During his years in Korea, he made a point of learning about and getting as close to the Korean entertainment industry as possible while writing his first novel "The Beautiful Dead." He enjoys telling stories about monstrous humans and humanized monsters.

He has a MFA from the University of California - Riverside, graduated with a BA in English Cum Laude from the University of Washington - Seattle, and attended Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea as an exchange student.

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Monday, November 13, 2017


Today brings us an exciting cover reveal. C.J. Burright is showing the artwork for book three in the Dreamcaster Series. Let's have a look at DANGEROUSLY DARK.

Dangerously Dark
The Dreamcaster Series
Book Three
C.J. Burright

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: 11/13/17

ISBN:  978-0-9961472-4-8

Number of pages:  321
Word Count: 96,065

Cover Artist:  Fiona Jayde

Some call him Purgatory’s Missing Prince. Demon Master. Overlord of Shadows. Only one woman may call him hers.

Book Description:

A master of dreams, a failure at life…

After another botched career attempt, Quinn Carmichael escapes to a remote lodge for a weekend recharge, needing respite…especially from the nightmares that haunt even her days. When a wounded, sexy-as-sin stranger faceplants unconscious on her kitchen floor, there’s something disturbingly familiar about him—as in he’s the boy from her childhood dreams. Mr. Dark, Dangerous, and Diabolical may be the key to unlocking the mysteries of her past and future, and Quinn isn’t about to let the opportunity—or him—escape without a fight.

His time is running out…

Known as Purgatory’s Missing Prince, Zaire’s existence has been one of endless pain, torture, and loss. Resigned to his fate, his final goal is simple—rescue his nephew before succumbing to the deadly darkness inside him. But when a fateful misstep brings him face-to-face with the one woman who could have saved him once upon a dream—the one woman he treasures above all else—he battles to keep his distance before he destroys her, too. But he would gladly sell his soul for just one taste.

Love draws them together, destiny will tear them apart

With ruthless enemies closing in, Quinn and Zaire must fight to save each other and those they care for before it’s too late—even if it means they’re doomed to live apart forever.

Amazon          Kobo       Goodreads       BN       Google Play       iBooks

Excerpt 2:

Quinn lifted her face to the night-canvassed sky, to the blood-red moon, and refused to tremble, denied the fear a foothold in her soul. Already, she’d come too close to that happening, and the dreams had only just begun. She had the entire rest of the night to survive.
A chittering echoed from beyond a sand dune. Whatever had made the noise remained out of reach for now, but not long enough. She slouched. So much for downtime.
Weariness shuddered through her. It would be so easy to curl up on the cool white sand beneath her boots and surrender. To let whatever monster came next do its worst and slip into oblivion for a while, despite the cost. Gripping the iron cross, its chain wrapped around her wrist, she closed her eyes. Relaxing for even a second was dangerous, but she was so tired, she almost didn’t care.
“Quinn.” Close, so close, the musical voice sang a shiver through her, more sinister for its serene softness. She didn’t want to open her eyes, didn’t want to know what new horror haunted her nightmares and knew her name.
With a resigned sigh, she faced the voice and froze. Zaire stood in the sand a foot away. He was different than outside the dream. His dark hair was shorter, in a skull cut. Same olive skin, same kiss-me mouth, but his eyes…she inhaled. His eyes, black velvet in life, now held an abysmal void, deeper and more potent than when he’d been a boy. The darkness there pulled at her, grasping for her soul.
She forced her attention to the rest of him, and her brain blanked while her body purred. Black leather boots. Trousers covered in blue-black metallic scales. And a shirt of the same iridescent material as his pants, only lighter. Black weapons hung everywhere, sword at his lean hip, knives strapped across his broad chest, on his belt, in his boots. The whip-end tail of one silver tattoo poked past his collar and licked his collarbone.
Lethal. Vicious. Magnificent.
He was her midnight fantasy and nightmare combined. Fantasy because he embodied everything she wanted. Nightmare because he wasn’t really Zaire. In her childhood, he’d snuck into her dreams, a dark presence watching over her, but whatever wore his face now wasn’t the boy from her past or the man she’d finally met. She gripped her cross tighter.
“Nice sword,” she said, her voice raspy with regret. “Come here often?”
He watched her with those fathomless eyes, unblinking, and she had the strangest impression that he memorized every detail of her. Probably searching for her weak points.
The chittering beyond the sand dune grew closer, and she nearly slumped beneath another wave of fatigue. Fighting a manifestation of Zaire along with whatever else came along made her want to cry.
“Why so sad, dearling?” Deep and soothing, his musical voice only added to her misery.
Dearling. She wouldn’t have minded Zaire calling her that, but she wasn’t about to put up with endearments from a demon, and dishonesty was a waste of time. The demons always knew the secrets she tried to hide.
“Oh, you know. All the usual.” Quinn straightened, pushing the exhaustion aside. “Nonstop nightmares. Delusions in the daytime. Trying not to ruin my mother’s political career. Figuring out what to do with my life. Meeting you.”
“Meeting me brought you sadness?” His voice lowered another octave. He shifted slightly, and his clothing shimmered, like dragon scales in the moonlight. His dark beauty squeezed her heart. What she wouldn’t give to have him be real and with her now, fighting the nightmares together. Calling her sweet names.
“It’s not you, not really. It’s the idea of you. Your existence. Knowing you want to leave.” She should kick herself. Conversing with a demon. Brilliant idea.
“Want and need are not always equal.” Flames danced in his eyes, stirring up annoying embers in her blood.
“Right.” She snorted. “I’ve been around the block a time or two, pal. You read my thoughts, manipulate my desires, and use them to tempt me into despair. Demons one-oh-one.”
He frowned. “I am not your…pal.”
Cresting the dune, a shadow raced toward them, white sand churning beneath it. In archetypal demon fashion, tendrils of fear preceded its arrival, which Quinn ignored. She had enough experience with fear to resist its pull, and the demon two steps away was much more treacherous.
And undeniably intriguing.
“Sorry about that. Do you prefer buddy?” She grinned at an unusual burst of energy. “How about chum, bro, dude, or ol’ chap?”
“Zaire will do,” he said stiffly.
“Nice Zaire costume, by the way. Pal.” She rocked back on her heels, biting her lip to keep from grinning like a crazy person. Typically, a demon staring at her with murderous intent would batter her senses with wave after wave of horror. Instead, she had the irresistible need to bedevil the demon.
Behind him, the darkness loomed larger, speeding closer with each heartbeat. A shadow man, common, familiar, and not particularly threatening. It couldn’t do much physical damage, not when she was ready. She jerked her chin at the phantom barreling down on them, five seconds away tops. Maybe that was what this Zaire waited for, backup. “Friend of yours?”
Smooth as any practiced dancer, Zaire freed a knife, pivoted, and threw it at the shadow three yards away, all before she could flinch. The darkness exploded into black and silver glitter, sparkling and lovely in the night.
He waited in silence until she met his gaze again. “I don’t have friends.”
A thrill coasted down Quinn’s spine, not the type of thrill she’d ever experienced in her nightmares. This one spun warmth all the way to her toes and back to her scalp. This demon was dangerous, and she wasn’t even referring to the blades strapped to every limb—weapons that destroyed other demons. He made her needy and achy and tingly in all the right places.

About the Author:

C.J Burright is a native Oregonian and refuses to leave. A member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal special interest chapter, while she has worked for years in a law office, she chooses to avoid writing legal thrillers (for now) and instead invades the world of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or fantasy. C.J. also has her 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and believes a story isn’t complete without at least one fight scene. Her meager spare time is spent working out, refueling with mochas, gardening, gorging on Assassin’s Creed, and rooting on the Seattle Mariners…always with music. She shares life with her husband, daughter, and a devoted cat herd.


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